Latest Boutique Hotels In Singapore That Are Worth The Hype

You don’t always need to book a trip overseas to feel like you’re on a holiday. With the boom of boutique hotels locally, why not treat yourself (and your loved one) to a staycation in one of the islands trendiest Boutique hotels. With a myriad of different themes and styles, these hotels break the conventional mould, and offer unique experiences for guests. So without further ado, let’s get into some of the hotels which are definitely worth the hype.  

Studio M

Starting off the list, we have a hotel spun off from the conglomerate Millennium Hotels group. With such an illustrious pedigree, this hotel sure doesn’t disappoint with the level of service, and the quality of stay you’ll experience. Set in the middle of Robertson Quay, the location is perfect for a night out, followed by a morning spent in. Treat yourself to the jet pool as you cast away all your worries and let the streams relive your aches.

Studio M boutique hotel room


Every room in this boutique hotel is life-inspired. With such a contemporary and stylish design, it’s a welcomed change from standard hotel rooms, and probably a different style from your own home. Enjoy the fun of having a loft with the various room types, either with the bed on the loft, or a small work area above your bed. Either way, the deluxe hotel shimmers with elegance and chic, perfect for the quick not-so-far-getaway.

Moon 23

Moon 23 couple room


Perfect for a romantic getaway, Moon 23 hotel has rooms made for couples looking to have a romantic night together. The décor of the room is modest but chic, keeping the mood focused and making sure you won’t be too distracted through the night.

Your room even comes with an open balcony and bath for 2, adding an extra special touch to celebrations or anniversaries. Watch the sun set from your private tub as you sip back on some champagne, what a perfect date.

Wanderlust Hotel

Another loft-inspired hotel, but this time with a thematic twist to it. Wanderlust hotel adds a bit of a whimsical touch to a classy and well designed auberge. With rooms designed and decorated according to different themes, you’ll find yourself transported to all sorts of fanciful locations.

Wanderlust Hotel space-themed room

One of their most popular rooms is the space-themed room. Have an out of this world adventure with your bath and shower area, and your cool overhead loft. 

Wanderlust Hotel pop art work inspired room

Pop art works inspired this room which features cartoon-like drawings and decorations. The light—hearted atmosphere of the room is bound to put you in a good mood.

Wanderlust Hotel pantone-themed room

The pantone-themed rooms come fully decked out with neon lights and bright colours, great for group shots and gives the room a lighter air to it.

Llyod’s Inn

Llyod’s Inn pool area

A minimalist’s dream, Llyod’s inn is found in the heart of Orchard Road and has one of the most relaxing and soothing designs.

Llyod’s Inn loft styled room

Choose between loft or studio styled rooms, the inn guarantees you peace of mind during your entire stay. The rooms are great if you need some peace and quiet from time to time. You could easily sit back in these artisan rooms, book in hand, and pass the day away without a care in the world. 

Llyod’s Inn studio room

Hotel Vagabond

Dubbed “Paris in Singapore”, Vagabond club oozes classic Parisian style with tasteful European inspired décor. The brain-child of French designer Jacques Garcia, the hotel has several unique and iconic installations.

Hotel Vagabond gold and red theme lobby

Gold and red is the main colour scheme of the hotel, with solid metal sculptures of Rhinos and Elephants under glistening gold ‘trees’, the 90’s styled decoration takes you back in time to Aristocratic European living.

Hotel Vagabond bedroom

The rooms keep this style, with the plentiful photos hung up above your bed, and wooden changing shades, you’ll feel as if you took a trip to the Parisian high-life during your stay. The hotel even has an Artist in Residence Program where writers, poets, musicians, painters and all other forms of artists can come together and share ideas and inspire one another, and as a visitor, feel free to approach them at the Vagabond Club.

The Pod

The Pod communal sleeping area

The final boutique hotel on our list is a capsule hotel in the heart of Singapore. Inspired by minimalist and communal sleeping areas from Japan, The Pod offers a unique style of living where you can share a room with strangers, but still maintain your own privacy in a little ‘room’. 

The Pod beds

Definitely one for the bucket-list, pod living is sure to be a new experience for you. You own pod comes with a charging station, as well as a small desk and reading light. The same kind of amenities are available to you as in a regular hotel room. Plus who knows who you could bump into, the communal living gives you the opportunity to interact with guests from all over the world easily, learn more about their countries, or even make a friend during this staycation!