Latest home paint trends 2022

June 21st 2022

Latest home paint trends 2022

Getting a new home in 2022? Or maybe you’re just looking for a slight change in your home environment. Either way, the colour of your walls can greatly influence the type of atmosphere you create for your home. Calming colours can help to relax you after a stressful day while striking colours can energize and inspire you! To help in this important decision, here are some of the colours we believe might be more common in homes in 2022.

1.    Bold

A bright colour may not be your first choice when looking through the paint section but bolder walls can bring confidence and inspire creativity to your home. Of course, the extent of boldness depends on your preference. If you feel that you might be overwhelmed in such a loud space then you can always opt for a more muted yellow or orange that can bring the same effect without being overbearing.

2.    Mellow browns

Earthy tones help to create a sense of roundedness which looking elegant and sophisticated. It is a good canvas as it is a versatile colour that gives you creative freedom to choose décor that supplements, or enhances, the calming nature of the colour or if you want to spice things up by adding contrasting-coloured décor.

3.    Calming green

Green has been forecasted to make quite the presence in 2022. Pastel shades of green can have a calming effect which makes it suitable for the bedroom, the ultimate sanctuary of rest in any home. There is an extensive range of green hues that you can consider if you do decide to go for green!

4.    Comforting blue

Natural tones are likely to be more common in 2022. This natural blue interior can soothe a tired mind and body. A muted hue can have a calming effect while bolder blues can energize you. You can even consider mixing in tones of green to have a more ocean-esque look. 

5.    Uplifting summer tones

Summery tones can make your home feel fun and whimsical. Many of us may miss the freedom of travelling and living freely during the pandemic so opting for colourful walls can help satiate some of the desire to travel and immerse oneself in the experience of summer. 

6.    Nostalgic

Retro and vintage trends are making a comeback recently. If you want your home to completely recreate the funkiness of the past, you can decorate sections of your room (or an entire room) with patterns that were common during the flower power era. Or, if you’d prefer something more subtle, pastel pinks, greens and browns are colours that can invoke a nostalgic sentiment in your home.

7.    Deep purple

Purple is the colour of royalty and inspiration. A dark purple room can make you feel elegant by providing a more intimate and sophisticated interior design but can put you in a more creative and inspired mood. Having a dark purple bedroom is surely different from what most people are used to so if you have any reservations, you can always try the colour on a single wall and observe its effect on your mood.


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