The Latest Colour Trends In Interior Design 2022

By Admin , Jan 10, 2022
The Latest Colour Trends In Interior Design 2022

Are you looking into the newest 2022 colour trends, or perhaps wondering how you can predict the colour trends in interior design? It’s simple. You can do so by looking at the releases of paint companies and leading design firms’ 2022 paint colour trends, especially since they have the most knowledge and insiders’ information in the interior design industry.

The experts have predicted that 2022 is the year for either more vibrant colours, or more earthy tones. With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, it is of no surprise that 2022 colour trends reflect a need for brighter colours to cheer up home spaces, or natural tones to mimic the natural calming world. Indeed, the colours that you choose to surround yourself with can directly impact your emotions and energy. So, here are the newest 2022 colour trends to guide you in painting your perfect room!  

Earthy Green Hues

With more people wanting to bring a sense of nature into their homes, many colour experts are predicting that greens of all undertones and shades will become the trend of 2022. 


Image credit: Pexels

Green is an amazingly natural colour, with very versatile tones to suit any of your needs. Take these 2 pictures for example. The darker shade of green can create a more comforting and deep look, while the lighter green coupled with plants evokes a sense of nature and brightness. For more specific green shades, let’s seek the recommendation from colour experts Colour of the Year 2022! 

Evergreen Fog: Versatile Green

Specifically, leading paint company Sherwin-Williams released Evergreen Fog as their Colour of the Year 2022. 


Image credit: Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

As a mid-tone green, evergreen fog gives you the flexibility of either a more neutral or luxurious room, depending on what you choose to complement it with. Interestingly, what makes this specific green colour extra versatile is its’ richness depends on the amount of natural light. With more natural light, Evergreen Fog appears to be lighter with a more grey undertone. On the other hand, with less exposure to light, it appears to be more pigmented with beige and cream undertones.


Image credit: Sherwin-Williams

If you like the natural and soothing vibe in the left picture, you should definitely pair Evergreen Fog with white or beige tones in a more lighted-up room! On the other hand, pairing Evergreen Fog with bronze or gold-accented furniture can create a more glamorous and modern look as seen in the picture on the right.

Guacamole: Refreshing and Calming Green


Image credit: Guacamole by Glidden Paint

Glidden paint has also announced another shade of green, guacamole, as the 2022 Colour of the Year. Inspired by everyone’s favourite dip, this deliciously looking avocado-green hue will bring about a refreshing and yet soothing energy to any space it is in. 


Image credit: Glidden Paint

So how can you benefit from this green shade best? For a more calming zen, you can match the guacamole painted walls with white tiles, or with matte black accents, blond wood, and gold touches.

Still need more convincing that green is the colour trend of 2022? Well, Gillden paint brand has emphasized in a recent press release that the number of online searches for green paint has doubled since 2020. 

Vibrant Purple and Red Hues 

Paint companies and leading design firms are expecting people to move towards striking and richer colours, like red and purple. In fact, Candace Griffin from Candace Mary Interiors predicted that “2022 is all about the mauves”, where shades of mauve are incorporated in a lot more décor and paint choices. Similarly, Amanda Walker from Dwell Aware said people are beginning to take more courageous steps towards designing homes with bolder and warmer reds. 


Image credit: Pexels

So, why do they predict this colour trend for 2022? Because such vibrant purple and red hues represent power, change, fun, and also elegance. As you can see from the two pictures, these hues give a pop of colour and bring the space to life. Additionally, it can bring you a newfound comfort, hope, and depth to your living spaces, especially during the current pandemic times. So, let’s dive straight into the specific purple and red hues, and what you can do to brighten up your home spaces!  

Dusty Purple


Image credit: BEHR

Dusty Purple or Dusty Lilac are some of the recommended purple hues for 2022. To make the colour pop more on your walls, you can use it in a room with darker wood floorings, or pair it with white furniture. The contrast in colours will make your space appear brighter and more inviting. 



Image credit: Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball’s “Incarnadine” has made it into their 2022 predicted colour trends. While red can be a tricky colour to deal with, Incarnadine has more traditional leanings, allowing it to breathe life into your living spaces. In particular, this colour works best for your dining rooms as red hues can actually stimulate your appetite! Additionally, you can complement it with rustic wood, glided frames, and aged leather to complete the whole charming and bright look. 

Vintage Yellow Hues

What is the first thing that you think of yellow-painted rooms? Is it an obnoxiously yellow and bright room? If your answer is yes, you may need to rethink your negative perceptions of yellow-themed rooms. Contrary to popular belief, the right shade of yellow can make your living space bright and optimistic, and yet remain sophisticated. And vintage yellow hues can achieve just that!


Image credit: Pexels

Vintage yellow hues refer to a more muted yellow colour. As seen in the examples above, by using a less bright yellow for your furniture or wall, you can make your room instantly appear happier and warmer. At the same time, the room will not seem overpowering. One such example is Farrow and Ball’s Babouche No. 233 lovely yellow hue. Fun fact about yellow walls? Yellow walls can make your room look bigger! Yellow reflects light, thus giving an enhancing effect to your smaller rooms. In fact, it can even be a better alternative to white, which is commonly recommended to seemingly enlarge your room. 

Calming Blue Hues

Another colour that is taking the spotlight in 2022 is blue! While blue has consistently been part of the predicted colour trends for the past few years, lighter and more comforting shades of blue are looking to be the most on-trend in 2022. 


Image credits: Pexels

Just like the picture above, paler blue shades can bring colour to the space, and yet evoke a calming energy. Additionally, such blue hues can easily pair with other earth tone and textures for a more grounding effect. Here are some of the predicted blue Colour of the Year 2022!

Bright Skies


Image credits: Bright Skies by Dulux

Bright Skies by Dulux is a light, airy and optimistic blue that reflects an “open skies” and “a breath of fresh air” mood. To better understand how inspiring and fresh Bright Skies can be, here are some interior design examples. 

Image credits: Dulux

So, what should you pair Bright Skies with to maximise its strengths? Dulux’s “Greenhouse Colour Palette”, suggests that these are the other complementary colours that you can play around with. 

Image Credits: Dulux

Being on-trend in 2022

There you have it - the newest 2022 colour trends to guide you in painting your perfect room!


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