Learn To Lose Weight & Keep Fit – The healthy Way!


Have you been complaining about your body in the midst of losing weight? Working hard to shed those extra pounds but feel disheartened when you gain back the weight with a single hearty meal? Have you ever wonder, maybe it’s not because your ‘enemy’ is too strong, but you are actually fighting it the wrong way? In today’s article, I will bring you the top 9 mistakes made by people who are trying to lose weight. You probably should avoid these mistakes to ensure that you are on the right and proper track!

1. Believing too much in advertisement on losing weight

measuring waist

  ” Lose 20KG in 1 MONTH!!!! ” This sounds like a dream come true right? Well, it may sound really convincing but NO! It’s harder than it is. Imagine losing so much weight easily within such a short period of time… What will be the after effects? Won’t you also gain back as quickly as you lose? Therefore, do not believe in such advertisement!


Losing 2-4kg per month is a realistic and proven numbers given by doctors. It does not only lose the fats in your body but you will also feel healthier and stronger with proper diet and regular exercise.  

2. Curb your appetite without exercising


  Boys tend to exercise away that extra amount of food intake for the day. But for girls, once we over indulge on food, we regret terribly yet we will be too lazy to work out and shed those calories. By restraining ourselves from food, we will see our weight decreasing day by day, but so does our health! With no proper diet, our immune system will deteriorate and worse still, we will gain back twice as much of weight if our diet is not consistent!


Diet and exercise work hand in hand in order for you to lose weight correctly. Always eat appropriate servings of food and count the calorie intake for that day. Exercise regularly and work extra hard if you consume more than what you should for the day.  

3. Focus too much on weight loss instead of gaining muscle.

food and exercise balance

  For those who focus on losing weight and neglected about gaining muscle, you may not know but actually, muscles help you to burn more fats! If you keep cutting down on your food intake only, your body size will keep growing smaller and your muscles will keep draining. Soon, your metabolism rate will decrease and soon enough, you will find losing weight difficult!


Time to head to the gym! If you are feeling lazy or you may not have the time, spare 20 minutes and do some muscle training at home! Simply get yourself weights or dumbbells and start pumping those arms. Do jumping jacks and rope skipping to gain thigh muscles! It’s simple and you will see your body shape up in no time.  

4. Did not consume enough protein


  Do you realise the importance of having enough protein intake in your daily diet? Well, how much of protein is considered sufficient?


To gain muscle, it is recommended to 2.2g of protein for every 1KG of your weight. Well below are some of the food and their protein for you to take into consideration 100g of chicken breast = 20g of protein 50g of lean beef = 10g of protein an egg = 6g of protein A cup of milk = 8g of protein  

5. Did not eat healthily, only eat less.


  Previously I used to cut down drastically on my food intake to lose weight. Does it apply to you as well? That’s absolutely the incorrect way! We’re supposed to be correcting the food that we are taking instead of the amount!


One person should consume 1000-1500 calories on a daily basis. Our plate should consist of 50% vegetables, 30% protein and 20% whole grains. This is an ideal diet that not only meet the needs for healthy weight loss, it is also important and beneficial to our health needs.  

6. Doing the wrong exercises


  Have you been exercising for 2 months and realised that you stop losing weight? You look in the mirror and feel that your tummy, arms or legs are not getting any smaller? Well, instead of running and doing cardio exercises, it is important to add in strength or resistance training else you will head into a fat reduction bottleneck!


Every week, choose a cardio activity such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling etc and do it for 2 days in a week. The remaining days, add in strength training or other forms of training such as abs exercises, arms exercises, high-intensity interval training on alternating days. Alternatively, you can also take up Yoga or pilates classes.  

7. Overly concerned with the numbers on a scale

weighing scale

  Weight loss cannot be determined by the numbers on a weighing scale. The reason why you are not losing much weight is because the amount of fat loss is replaced with muscle gains. Therefore it is common to see your weight remain the same!


Instead of focusing too much on the scale, try putting on a dress or blouse and see if the fit is slight looser compared to the past. Alternatively, you can try to snap pictures of your weight loss journey. At the end of the month, I’m sure you will see progress!  

8. Paying too much attention to calories 

calorie intake

  It is good to know how much calories you are consuming every day. However, paying too much attention to your calorie intake will cause you to be overly mindful of what to eat and lose the fun in life! Imagine going out with your group of friends and not being able to enjoy having a nice meal with them? It is normal to have occasional indulgence as long as you do not over-do it.


Always try to eat till you are roughly 70% full. Remember to take more vegetables and protein. You can still indulge in food but prevent yourself from taking processed food, sugar stuff and high salt content food.  

9. Taking 2 meals a day and skipping 1 meal 


  Having 2 meals a day will not aid you in your weight loss journey. Instead, it will do more harm than good! By cutting the number of meals, it will make your body feel hungrier which often leads to overeating.


Instead of cutting the number of meals, you should have 5 small meals a day. Cut the intake amount instead. Prevent eating after 8 pm and supper is a definite NO!