Less Is More by Le Bleu Art

Designer: Le Bleu Art

Theme: Japandi Makeover

Minimalist designs are a dime a dozen now, with the trend gaining heat in the wake of cultural movement of “less is more”. Through the likes of Marie Kondo inspired living, the emphasis of enjoying what you have more, rather than having more to enjoy has pushed designers to look towards inspiration from cultures, which have for years, based their designs around a minimalist theme.

Le Bleu Art Japanese inspired living and Scandinavian styled homes

Two of the most beautiful design inspirations which have gained traction are Japanese inspired living, and Scandinavian styled homes. Putting together the best of both worlds, Le Bleu Art has opted to instead, combine these two together to create a truly unique home. Creating a tranquil yet homely design, the amalgamation of the two styles have blended together harmoniously to create an entire reimagined style, Japandi. The idea behind Japandi was to be able to make use of the traditional elegance of Japanese decor and the rustic details in Nordic design to create a home that makes the best of an East-meets-West style.

Le Bleu Art Minimalist Scandinavian interiors living room

Minimalist Scandinavian interiors make use of neutral colours and shades, pairing them with lighter wooden installations to achieve a serene and calm atmosphere. Combined with the more ‘exciting’ aspect of Japanese designs, you get a beautiful air of zen which fills the house. The splash of colour from the Nippon inspiration keeps things vibrant and light as you feel as if you’re floating throughout the house.

Le Bleu Art Japanese folding screen for dining area

Another important aspect of this design is the focus on the functionality of the design and pieces, keeping items and objects to a minimal, and making sure each item of furniture has a use. Taking a look at the dining area, the understated design fits right into the minimalist design. The wooden table and bench lend a rustic touch to the room, giving it life and warmth. The Byōbu, the Japanese folding screen, gives a tasteful finish to the room, a nod to the Japanese inspiration of the home.

Le Bleu Art wooden home elements

Plenty of wooden elements have been used throughout the house, pairing well with the yellow lights used. The effect lets the room feel warmer as the lighting looks more natural and gives less glare to the room.

Le Bleu Art bold Spanish styled bathroom

The bathroom has a bolder take to it, drawing inspiration from Spanish styled designs. This keeps the look more exiting, but not too different from the rest of the home as it still stays true to the wood and natural look of Scandinavian designs. The open shelves have also been cleverly incorporated into the design of this room as well, perfectly fitting into the modern minimalist look, while still keeping the bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Le Bleu Art light birch wood and white cupboards

The kitchen is kept simple and trim but has been packed full of storage space. The light birch wood and white cupboards create a light and bright setting in the room, making it a pleasant area of the home. The sliding door is a great way to save space, giving you more room to walk around the kitchen, and prevents the space from getting too tight.

Le Bleu Art master bedroom with dressing table

The master bedroom may not look like much, but the increased floorspace makes the room look much wider and spacious. With just a simple dressing table by the side of the bed, the room remains orderly and uncluttered. The increased floor space is presented well with the design, a mix of parquet boards allow the room to retain a natural look, matching perfectly with the wooden furniture to complete a truly rustic look which allows the room to feel more comfortable as well.

Le Bleu Art discreet cupboards

The cupboards are incredibly discreet as well. Without leaving much of a statement, the cupboard doesn’t give much of a statement but keeps a lot of space, spreading right across the room, more than enough for a his-and-her space.