Little Japan: A Japanese-inspired Home by Miracle Design Studio

July 21st 2022

Little Japan: A Japanese-inspired Home by Miracle Design Studio

Miracle Design Studio has constantly pushed out beautiful interior designs and are always up for any challenge that clients throw at them. Known for their elegant and minimalistic contemporary designs, it is obvious why so many of their client​​​​​​​​​​s leave positive remarks for them. 

For one of their projects in a home located in Senja Road, the designers at Miracle Design Studio were tasked with creating a Japanese-inspired home. We’ll see that they seamlessly combined the elements of a traditional Japanese home (also called ‘minka’) within a contemporary apartment. The result is a beautiful home that has a touch of traditional Japanese elements.

Living room

The living room has a very cosy and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the dark wood and dark accents against the white walls. The choice of blinds, as opposed to curtains, is a playful take on the elements of a Japanese home, which typically feature geometric patterns like squares and rectangles along the walls and doors. Wood is also a common material used in many traditional Japanese homes.

Dining area

The dining area is minimally decorated as clean and uncluttered spaces are features common to Japanese-themed spaces. To hone in the idea of a Japanese theme, the posters used in the back look like scrolls as well. 

There is also bay seating by the window which is a nice little touch if you enjoy some light reading under the sun.


The kitchen features the same dark wood that we saw in the living room, which creates a cohesive theme throughout the entire home. Here, we see the interplay of both traditional and modern elements – the dark wood and storage spaces are reminiscent of traditional homes while the furniture and appliances are very much from the present. Although these 2 concepts are quite different, Miracle Design Studios has managed to blend them together to create a stunning kitchen.

The entrance to the kitchen is guarded by this sliding door, which is very similar to the siding panels in minkas. Not only does this enhance the theme, it is also a very practical choice that prevents oil from splattering onto the main living room / dining area.


Simplicity is the key word when describing the bedroom. No one wants an overly cluttered or messy bedroom. Going with a more practical choice, the designers opted for blackout curtains that will create the most comfortable space for you to fall asleep in. The large bed is situated right under the aircon, so you are guaranteed a cool environment. This is of course especially important in sunny Singapore.

If storage space is a constant concern of yours, you don’t have to worry about that in this home. There is ample wardrobe space with this floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that was custom built to match the wooden design of the home. There is also a desk and bay seating situated next to the table that serve both work and leisurely functions.


Since the bathroom isn’t a very large space, the designers made the choice of clearing demarking the areas for the shower, toilet and sink. To make the bathroom look even more spacious, they added a large borderless mirror above the sink to create the illusion of space. Like the rest of the house, the bathroom focuses on a very minimalistic aesthetic that suits the Japanese theme very well.

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