Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

The living room:

The ultimate centerpiece of every home, a sacred room of togetherness, comfort, kinship and entertainment. As the primary social space designated within a house, many have traditionally accorded the living room much importance, especially since it often makes or breaks any first impression of a home. It can be deemed the common ‘watering hole’ of modern civilisation within our homes – buzzing with activity, tranquil and serene, or brimming with grandeur, it can signify just about anything according to your personal preference and purpose. We have some exciting new living room décor ideas for you, coming from a range of styles, inspirations and interior design outlooks.

Brick textured living room walls

This living room’s interior design has an interesting take on stylistic duality, namely, the co-existence of two seemingly disparate aesthetic styles. On one hand, the soft grey lumpy sofa with off-white and grey cushions provide us with the face of comfortable minimalism. Yet on the other hand, there is the light brown wooden coffee table and low-set cupboard cum television stand, as well as the modern white brick textured wall that the television is set against. These brighter, livelier and more modern-looking elements contrast against the initial light monochrome theme of one side of the room while coincidentally complementing standard minimalist style colours. The lighting gives the living room an ideal sheen of lustre and lightness needed for one’s relaxing lounge about on the sofa in the comfort of others and a television programme.

Design 4 Space vintage-styled living room

(Interior Design By Design 4 Space)  While many Singaporeans are eager to replicate the IKEA-styled rooms that have blown up in popularity, some of you might wish to take a more unconventional route such as this vintage-styled room. Without the dustiness or outdatedness of antiquity, this home interior design utilises several ornamental types of furniture to add some interesting pizzazz to their living room – such as the classic ‘90s scooter and motorcycle engine complete with yellow-tinted showroom lights to give it a Hollywood-esque charm. The rest of the room is equally cohesive, incorporating a spectrum of brown, cream and white colours in its sofas, carpet, curtains and even wallpaper. If this is the novel living room design you’ve been hunting for, go ahead! It is sure to supplement or form an interesting basis for lively conversations with your guests, and create a nostalgic atmosphere for family and friends to dwell in.

Open concept living room

Incorporating a similar white to brown coloured spectrum for this living room’s style, it literally puts a different angle on how most Singaporean interior designers fashion living rooms. Instead of the television being at the centre of the living room, it is relegated to the side, enabling one to better make use of the vast space next to it for storage and decoration using houseplants! Not to mention, this open concept living room allows dinner guests at the dining table to watch the television together if they please.

Standard modern industrial grey theme living room

If you fancy a balance of serious and light-hearted elements, this innovative twist on the standard modern industrial grey theme will fulfill the full range of your interior design needs and desires. On one hand, the light grey chaise sofa against white-grey walls provide a contemporary air that is composed and serene. Yet on the other, the textured industrial grey wall the television is mounted against adds a business-like atmosphere that is classy as well as complementary to the lighter elements of the room. Furthermore, with its open concept, the modern industrial style extends to a nearby kitchen bar – enabling you and your buddies to have some grub and retreat to the comfort of a living room for chatter.

Popular monochrome business-like designed living space

In this popular monochrome business-like interior design, the air of classiness emanates from the very colour scheme consistent across its layout. While reflective black surfaces and walls form the most striking elements of the room, its dashes of light brown and tan add flourishes of character to an otherwise simple monochrome room. The dining table effectively incorporates a futuristic, modern and elegant touch in its shiny metallic design paired with its reflective black surface – paired well with muted grey sofa-chairs for a peaceful, comfortable meal.

Glam and elegant living room

To dazzle your friends and guests, install lighting within your furniture that lends radiance and energy to the living room as well as to the ornaments you may wish to display. With a sense of uniformity infused into this living room using cream to dark brown tones, the lighting adds vibrancy and extra warmth to the consistency in the room. Another impressive addition to your living room might be a chandelier as shown above, which induces glamour and elegance while adding its own splash of warm light.

Casual and modern styled living room

For homebodies who prefer a more casual, conventionally modern style, this living room will definitely suit your taste for a more intimate, unpretentious setting. The central feature of this home’s interior design has to be the customizable blackboard in plain view of the dining table and sofa-television area. In using a light-coloured base with a minimalistic touch, the blackboard adds some contrast as well as a youthful, personalisable element to the room. As such, your family can add its own unique voice to the design of your home which is sure to convey a sense of closeness and creativity to guests who may visit.

Oriented open concept living room

Utilising a specially oriented open concept, this living room makes use of unconventional positioning of furniture and angling for a bright and youthful take on modern interior design trends such as the kitchen bar and open concept rooms. The complementary light brown, navy blue and grey tones in its furniture incorporate a sense of regularity amidst variance in colour. Interestingly, the plush sofas in this room are individual armchairs as opposed to the standard sofa, perhaps giving a sense of casual luxury and relaxation.