Look No Further, Scandinavian Interior Inspirations Here!

February 22nd 2021

If you’ve been looking for interior design inspiration, we are quite sure you’ve come across Scandinavian interior inspirations. But what makes up the Scandinavian theme?

Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, located in the northern region of Europe. These designs centre around craftsmanship, clean lines and good quality materials. Think bright, with a lot of natural light!

In this article, we are going to look at three different designs that are all Scandinavian-themed. Because the focus of this type of design revolves around functionalism and simplicity, there are many ways to design a home to still adhere to the Scandinavian theme.

Check out the Scandinavian Interior inspirations below and ask yourself, is a Scandinavian design suitable for your home and personality?

Pastel Power

The first unit we are going to look at is an HDB resale at Compassvale designed by Carpenters (not to be confused with the ‘70s band, The Carpenters).

We loved what is done to the kitchen and living room as it reflects the essence of what Scandinavian design really encapsulates. There are clear lines in the furnishings, enhanced by bright colours that make the space feel airy.

carpenters - cabinet in living area

First impressions matter - and one step into this home has really made an impression on us.

We believe in the power of impeccably designed and functional storage space. It is probably the single most bulky structure you have in the home (including the walk-in wardrobe - if you are planning to get one). We need them, although they do take a lot of space. Therefore, designs to enhance storage space is a need!

Above, we see how the cabinets are made to blend into the wall, a seamless extension from the door made one by the pastel yellow stripe that extends to the cabinet space.

carpenters - cabinet in living area 2

Colour palettes for Scandinavian interior inspirations alternate between greys, whites and browns but pops of colour are always welcome. Here we see a door with diagonal wooden strips with azure blue, sunshine yellow and candy floss pink. It stands out as a decorative piece whilst being functional.

carpenters - kitchen cabinets

The pastel door leads to the kitchen. It is dressed in white from top to bottom, giving it a timeless look. Though some may prefer darker shades, whites can highlight dirt splashes easily, allowing for a thorough cleanup after cooking a feast!

We love the sand dune coloured splashback, and grey counters add an organic touch to it. The under-cabinet lighting illuminates the work zone is pretty and very functional.  Shadow will be cast if the light source is behind you - and you wouldn’t want that! The under-cabinet lighting will cancel out the shadow.

carpenters - living room area 1

Back out again, the cabinet and kitchen door is definitely a scene-stealer when you enter this home.

Love the colours and the design? You can check out more from Carpenters on Renodots!

Into The Deep

If you get blinded by furnishings that are too bright, deeper sultry colours may excite you. This unit at Henderson designed by Elpis Interior Design has the perfect balance of light and dark, similar to yin and yang. It demonstrates how going bare is achieving more as it makes the home look big and clutter-free.

elpis interior - bedroom 1

Let’s start with the bedroom. Because there is enough natural light streaming in, one should not be afraid to introduce dark woods and deep cool tones. Bedrooms that are set in darker themes are  perfect for resting and promotes less activity - so you actually sleep in your bedroom, not work!

The length of this wall is the wardrobe. It goes almost unnoticeable because the handles are the same shade as its doors. As the flooring and wardrobe are homogenous,  the seamless transition seems to extend the length of the room.

elpis interior - bedroom 2

Texture, texture and more texture!

From the emerald structured wallpaper on the wall to the leather cushion covers, plus the cotton comforters and fluffy carpet, we see that textures provide definition and classiness to the room.

elpis interior - living room 1

Outside where the living and dining room is, we see more neutral tones set on darker hues. When night falls, and natural light is no more, the track lighting will imitate the moon and illuminate the lounge area.

elpis interior - living room 2

We see a lot of L-shapes sofas around, and we love how the colour complements the background and the carpet. However, our eyes are drawn to the coffee tables with mismatched legs. Made from similar matter, they both compliment each other by having minimum and maximum vertical stands.

elpis interior - dining room 1

Check out the stealthy cabinets at the back that are shaded a tad lighter than the dining set. Similar to the wardrobe in the bedroom, it blends into the background, so the off-wall furnishings stand as the focal point.

The simple, classy round table spells expensive. With a simplistic built coupled with warm charisma, it is perfect for small families or when guests pay a visit.

Love the class? You can check out more from Elpis Interior Design on Renodots!

Organic Matter

If there is one material that will never go out of style when it comes to furnishings, it would be the use of wood. Key Concept highlights the adaptability of wood in the home in this unit at 109 Aljunied Crescent.

key concept - living area 1

A neutral-heavy colour palette is the uniform for almost all Scandinavian designs. Here we see how the living room plays with whites, greys and tans to brighten the space that does not have natural lighting because of the length of the unit.

Instead of wooden flooring, wooden panels are placed on the walls, where the entertainment hub is. Why? Because it helps retain sound in the room, perfect for those who like to watch shows and listen to music. See? It’s always design coupled with functionality.

key concept - living area 2

The wood panelling is also used to hide the corridor to the more private rooms in the unit. Disguised well, it can only be opened if you know the correct lever to pull!

key concept - living area 3

From where the secret door is, you can see that the living room is dressed in light neutrals, enhanced by the plant and off-white cotton throw.

There might not be sufficient illumination at night and therefore, track lights are installed along with a wooden blade fan equipped with lighting.

key concept - kitchen 1

The open kitchen at the end of the hallway also consists of the dining area. The most visionary installation here is the dining table, hanging from the ceiling. This frees up floor space and we wonder why this is not used more often in modern homes. It is so much easier to clean floors too!

key concept - kitchen 2

Instead of just browns and whites, we see an introduction of the colour black. From the accented mosaic tiles as flooring, subway tiles for the splashback and almost industrial-inspired cabinets, it is a motivation to get cooking!

Do you prefer light neutrals in your home? Or are you attracted to the artistic design of Key Concept? They’ve got more where this came from! Check them out on Renodots.

Are you inspired? Maybe you should start thinking of incorporating a Scandinavian interior inspiration into your home. Check out Renodots’ Goodreads for more inspiration!

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