Luxe Eclectic Interior Style

Luxe eclectic design is the mainstay of this apartment, with drippings of royal blue against stunning brass accents, it’s no surprise that the home is so easily likeable and the envy of many. The home carries with it so many different aspects and styles which fit together like a perfect jigsaw. The eclectic design is a perfect choice for when you are spoilt for choice and you have too many things you want to include in the design of your home.

Eclectic designs are meant to be a mishmash of all your favourite things, from different stylings to time periods to textures and gradients. However, with so many pieces in play, its easy to tip the scales too much and end up having a design which is neither here nor there, and amalgamation of too many things which can come out in a less than ideal fashion. If you’re thinking about trying out an eclectic design, this home is a good one to model from. With a clear focus and consistent colour palette and theme, the home gets its eclectic energy from the various styles and textures, keeping things tastefully designed.

Kitchenate entry way

Starting with the entrance to the home, the crammed corridor has been transformed into a lively burst of colour and theme. Inspired by their travels and their love for London, a bold choice of decorations makes this stand out from the crowd. The mixture of colours, contrasting textures and vibrant decorations, you can almost feel the energy coming right out at you. The cute bookshelf has become the focal point of this space, themed after the caricature of a London phone box, the creative strokes brings out the personality of the owners.

Kitchenate unobstructed living room

The unobstructed view from the living room isn’t the only thing that grabs your attention as you walk through it. The sumptuous design of the room makes for a stunning space which exudes elegance. With a feature wall in the background, the minimalist style meets contemporary living. The feature wall laid bare is an artwork of its own, the modernist style used in this decorative choice is bold but well employed. With such a blank canvas, there is always room and options for future choices and changes, but for now, the wall may be blank, but the panelling of the slates makes for an intriguing geometric pattern which comfortably draws attention to itself.

Kitchenate harmonious design dining area

With a mix of textures from the cool metal, to the soft velvet, to the grainy yet smooth wood, this eclectic mix of textures helps to bring the room in full circle to a truly harmonious design. The dining space is that special blend of lounge living mixed with classy brunch styles. With a fashionable bench, the dining space keeps a rather casual vibe to it, allowing it to appear less intimidating and cuts some of the glare from the opulent brass accents.

The mix of styles from the cage-like brass stands to the solid royal blue face from, the combination of styles and colours present a very polished image. With track lighting, the back feature wall comes to life with a spotlight or two on the photo wall.

Kitchenate bedroom

Who doesn’t love lounging from your bed, lazy weekend mornings, late nights spent comfortably snuggled in as you watch your favourite shows right from the comfort of your bed? The bedroom may not be as exciting as the living and dining space, but it sure does serve its purpose well. With a special nook for the cupboards and a nice little storage cum bedside table, the bedroom remains simple yet practical. The pendant lighting above the bed maintains a certain level of stylish elegance to the eclectically styled home.

Designer: Kitchenate