Make Your Bathroom Elderly-Friendly

  Whether you have an elderly family member or are planning on staying in your house for the rest of your life, you may want to renovate your bathroom in a way that benefits you and your loved ones. People are prone to slips and falls in bathrooms due to the wet, slippery floors. Thus, it is crucial that you consider how to reduce slip hazards for a safer and more comfortable bathroom experience, before you renovate your bathroom. Here are some tips that can help you make your bathroom a safe and accessible space for years to come.


Non-slip flooring

(Picture from Pinterest) You should choose flooring that is slip resistant so as to prevent potential injuries.Ensure that your flooring is textured for better slip resistance. Rubber flooring is the safest choice for a senior-friendly bathroom. If you are not into the idea of renovating your whole bathroom, try non-slip bathroom mats. If you or your family member lives in a HDB and qualifies for EASE, you may apply for slip-resistant treatment for your existing floor tiles.


Grab bars in shower area

(Picture from Pinterest) Grab bars provide support for whoever is navigating the way around the bathroom. You should try to install one near your shower and next to the toilet bowl for better and safer accessibility to frequently used areas. Grab bars can also double as towel racks. If you or your family member lives in a HDB and qualifies for EASE, you may apply for more grab bars to be installed in your bathroom.


Shower bench

(Picture from Pinterest) Installing a shower bench decreases the amount of time spent standing in the shower, easing the strain on an aged body. It also reduces the chances of you or your family member slipping and falling.