Make Your Kitchen Your Own With These Simple Tips

Credit: In2space Interior Some contractors make generic kitchen designs that don’t really suit the homeowner’s needs or wants. It’s not a knock on their work because some generic kitchens are beautiful but they’re not tailor fitted for its end-users. If you’re undergoing a renovation, or are thinking of renovating, here are some tips how to make your kitchen truly yours.

Before anything else, keep it safe

ID Gallery small and functional kitchen

Credit: ID Gallery There are small kitchens and there are large kitchens. It’s just a fact of life that you have to settle for the kind of space that it is available to you; especially if you’re working on just a small space for HDB homes. This makes little details such as making sure that the door doesn’t open up to block an important appliance extremely important. If it’s a one-cook home, you should allow at least 42” of space in the work aisle. If you prefer to work in tandem, then make it 48”. This allows you some room to breathe while working on your masterpiece of a meal

My Reno Diary kitchen with wood drawers

Credit: My Reno Diary You’d often see the number of days that a construction site posts the number of days that they’re accident-free. It’s also important in your kitchen. Aside from allowing room for work, it’s also important to save some space around potentially dangerous appliances like the stove. Allow a minimum of 12” on the sides of the cooking area and 9” from the wall. The stove hood should also be at least 24” above the cooking surface. This prevents accidental burning of other kitchen appliances.

Storage is just as important

The Interior Place kitchen

Credit: The Interior Place You may have all the space in the world but if it’s a cluttery mess, then it’s still not going to be functional. Make sure that the cupboards are within your reach or at least place the most used utensils and tools where you can reach them without the use a stool.

9 Creation all white kitchen

Credit: 9 Creation Knowing where things are is also important in kitchen design, therefore, storage organization must also be taken into account. Get storage containers to suit your taste and consider labelling them with your own personal touch like hand writing it on them directly.

Light your way

Inspire ID Group kitchen task lighting

Credit: Inspire ID Group Since the kitchen is considered as a workspace, make sure that the lighting is adequate. The countertops, stove, and other appliances should have their own lighting because there is the possibility that the ceiling lamp might be blocked by your own shadow and other unexpected things. Place task lighting solutions on countertops that you prefer to use and inside cupboards and drawers that you often open.