Make Small Homes Big In Style

Today, many homes are shrinking in size and space is a premium these days. It is an art to turn a small space into a non-claustrophobic cosy space. Adopt some wise approaches and you will be able to transform your small homes into extraordinary spaces that are comfortable to live in.

Use The Right Colours

Bold and warm colours such as warm yellow can make a small room appear even smaller. A cool, neutral shade for instance white or soft grey hue will allow the ceiling and walls to blend together seamlessly, creating the illusion of a larger space. Keep the ceiling colours light to make your space appear lighter, airy and larger.

Use Closed Up Cabinets

Display Full-Length Curtains

Curtains can offer so much when it comes to enhancement of our spaces. Ceilings look higher when you hang long curtains from the ceiling all the way to the floor. This look is classic and tailored.

You can check out Spotlight or Ikea for their wide range of affordable curtains. A rule of thumb: avoid large prints on the curtain as that may appear too loud and heavy. Instead, choose one that is more subtle with neutral print.

Wallpaper The Wall

Wallpaper in bedroom
credit: Pinterest

Wallpaper the wall all the way up is one foolproof way to make a space larger as anything that makes our eyes look upwards creates an illusion of height and space.

Use Large Decorative Accents

Large decorative accents
credit: Pinterest

Use large decorative accents for instance a couple of large artworks instead of many small display items as that makes one feel as if the home is filled with clutters and hence appearing smaller.

Framed art on living room wall
credit: Pinterest

Employ the old interior design rule of using odd numbers. Use repetition of colours and finishes to unify the whole composition of your home. This creates a curated clutter-free space and makes your space appear larger. If you really want a gallery wall with small art pieces or photographs, limit it to just one wall.

Use A Few Lamps

credit: Pinterest

Use a few lamps to distribute your lighting evenly around instead of relying on a big overhead light which may appear too heavy.

Buy Furniture With Exposed Legs


Mirrors in kitchen
credit: pinterest

Hang mirrors to create illusion of more square footage. If your kitchen is cramped and small, you could use a mirror for the backsplash. This makes the kitchen seem much larger. Alternatively, a tinted glass works too.

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