Make Space In Your Place With These Creative Storage Ideas

storage ideas

Have you ever had too much stuff in your house, but had nowhere to put it? We’ve all experienced this problem at some point in our lives. We want our homes to look nice and uncluttered, but with limited home space, there’s only so much we can do! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of creative storage ideas to maximise small spaces and help you get that uncluttered home you deserve.

Don’t be afraid to use the space under the stairs

staircase storage

It’s amazing how often the space under staircases is underutilised. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with stairs in it, the space under your staircase doesn’t need to be dead space! The owner of this home has installed a stylish shelf under the stairs to create extra storage space.

A variation to this idea is having pull-out staircase drawers under your staircase. It’s similar to having several shelves under your staircase, except you can pull out these shelves to easily access even the items shoved right at the back. It’s a great way to fully make use of the depth of the storage space under your stairs.

Install shelves on your blank wall space

wall shelves

Why have a blank wall when you can turn it into additional storage space? Many times, you can easily install wall shelves to create a trendy display space. Open shelves like the one on the right are great for showing off small collections and display pieces. But if you’d rather a more versatile storage space, you can also opt for a floating cubbyhole like the one on the left of the picture to keep your items nicely out of sight.

There is an abundance of ways to make use of floating shelves. Above your couch is usually a great choice, but you can also install floating shelves at corner-walls, or high up on a wall so it doesn’t obstruct anything below.

Go for furniture that has inbuilt storage space

inbuilt storage coffee table

Forget those coffee tables that have 4 legs below the tabletop, and nothing else. To fully maximise your storage space, try to go for furniture that can double as additional storage space as much as possible. We’re talking coffee tables that have drawers at their base, storage beds for your bedroom, mirror-cabinets, headboards that open up, and storage ottomans. All this extra space might be small, but they add up quickly! And best of all, they’re barely noticeable in a room’s overall design scheme!

Have a small awkward space? Try a vertical drawer

vertical drawer

If you have a small vertical gap between two pieces of furniture, that’s a potential place for the increasingly popular vertical drawer! Vertical drawers are a great way to exploit tall and narrow gaps for added storage space! The shelves mean that you have multiple levels of storage space, and the pull-out feature helps you maximise the depth of the space.

Get a hollow window seat

window seat

Quite often, the space right next to windows goes unused to preserve the window’s accessibility. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Placing a long bench that spans the length of the window can create a nice little cosy corner to read in the comfort of natural light, and make the room appear more homey. But best of all, these benches can double as additional storage space. Many of these seats are hollow, and can help you store additional items inside. If you choose your seat carefully, you can get style and function. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

Pull-out couches and murphy beds

murphy bed

It may surprise you, but even a queen size bed doesn’t need to take up much space! This bed is actually a special Murphy bed from Expand Furniture. Pull the bed down at night to sleep, but when you’re done, all you need to do is lift the bed back up into the wall and there you go! You’ve got some extra space to use until the bed comes down again. The same thing can be done with pull-out couches. But in this case, the bed from expand furniture doubles as a shelf too, giving you even more storage space.

Staircase drawers

staircase drawer

We’ve already said that the space under the stairs can be a great source of extra storage if you use it well, but what about the stairs themselves? Some staircases can double as drawers in every step! So with your staircase you also get many wide drawers stacked on top of each other, which is a lot of extra storage space added in a way that is discreet enough that your home still looks sleek and neat.

Add more storage behind your couch

desk behind couch

If you’re worried about making your house look weird by adding drawers, cupboards and shelves in awkward places, then here’s one place that you could use! An extra desk or cabinet behind a classic living room couch gives you additional storage space while looking nice.

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