Make Your Travel Plans A Breeze

With the holiday season coming upon us, many of us will be looking to take a getaway somewhere to relax and unwind, and with the advent of simpler methods, booking a trip can be done in minutes, given you have the right tools. Let’s dive into some apps which will help save you the headache (and some money) of your travel plans and help you really enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

So before every trip comes the planning. Deciding on where to go, what to do and where to stay are all important factors in deciding on your holiday plans. So with the help from some apps, you can quickly and painlessly decide with all these factors in mind and make your planning a breeze.

Flight Price Trackers – Kayak/Skyscanner

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So what normally takes the biggest chunk out of your holiday budget has to be the price of a flight. Whether you decide to scrimp and take a budget flight, or if you splurge on a full fare carrier, flight price trackers will help you pit the prices of each choice against each other.

Skyscanner even has the option to search for the cheapest flight prices across each month, helping those with tighter budgets but more flexible dates have the freedom of choice.

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Based on their own algorithm and the trends of flight prices, Kayak even sends daily price alerts to you with suggestions on if you should but it now or wait for the price to drop even more.

Hotel Deals – HotelsCombined

The next huge chunk from your budget comes in the form of accommodations. With Airbnb, hotels have slowly faded out of the norm and increasing number of homestay options have opened up. While Airbnb may be cheaper, if you’re looking to have a vacation where you won’t have to make your own bed and your room gets cleaned for you daily, or you’re heading to somewhere where Airbnb is illegal (Japan has recently placed laws outlawing Airbnb-like rentals, and more countries are considering such action) then HotelsCombined is perfect for you.

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Long gone are the days when you would have to scour each travel site one by one and compare the prices yourself. HotelsCombined puts together the deals and discounts from multiple platforms so you can quickly decide on the deal for you. The app then takes you to the selected booking site so you can quickly snatch up the deal before its gone.

Activities – Klook

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Another key part of any holiday, what are you going to do there. While you can take to sites like tripadvisor and blogs to discover the wonders of your dream destination, the next part comes in booking the activities. Klook does just that for you, with an integrated review and booking platform, search up your destination and read about the activities available, and the reviews of other users to decide if that’s the activity for you. An extra plus is that you can always get a good deal on Klook, with deals up to 70% off, browse their extensive catalogue of services available, from tours and sightseeing trips, to wine and dine options, to activities and unique experiences, there’s bound to be something you’ll find.

Earn Some Rebates – Shopback

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Shopback is a unique platform which rewards for simply using it to book your travel plans. If you’re using booking sites like Expedia, Agoda, Zuji and many other travel websites, Shopback rewards you for up to 8% of your purchase, even better rebates than most credit cards.

Shopback partner retailers


Shopback’s unique working model isn’t just limited to travelling, its extensive list of partner organizations and businesses means that you can get cashback for even your daily expenses. Earn some cash back from your daily spends with Grab or Foodpanda, or save some extra money when you’re shopping online with Asos, Zalora, Lazada and many more partner retailers.