Make Your Home Kid-Friendly without the Kindergarten Vibes

When some people think about a kid-friendly home, they instantly think of colourful walls and furnishings, edges with jelly knobs, low bar partitions and the like. No, no, no, it does not have to be this way. Your home is still your home, and it is not being overtaken by your children – although the number of toys may suggest otherwise.

If you are expecting a child soon or have one or two running about, this is for you. We break down pointers on how to transform your home to be kid-friendly while maintaining (maybe even enhancing) the aesthetics of your home’s interior.

Keep in mind that more toys or gadgets for children do not equal a kid-friendly home, maybe just one with a lot of playthings.

Check your flooring

Young children playing on floor
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Young children will spend a lot of their infant days and toddler years on the floor. They will be rolling, crawling and playing on it. Therefore, if you have a toddler or a newborn, it is important that your flooring is not too hard and free from toxins.

Many recommend real hardwood but engineered wood and tiles are okay too. However, natural wood is one of the purest and safest options. If you are considering vinyl, do note that most of them are treated with fire-retardant chemicals that slowly release of certain toxic substances.

Other factors you should consider is underfoot. A soft underfoot serves as a cushion during accidental falls. Wood or engineered wood is preferred in this case. No matter your flooring, carpets or rugs are still encouraged to create a soft and safe space for your growing children.

Check your space

Living and dining area
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Open spaces are always better for a home with a child. When you open up the living and dining area in your home, it gives your child space for exploration. Even when you are in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you can still keep an eye on your children in the living room if it’s an open, partition-free space.

Check your walls

Painted bedroom wall
Image from Home Designing

Enveloping your home are walls that require paint. But, did you know that some interior paint emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be toxic? Yikes!

These VOCs contribute to air pollution and are said to be a cause for respiratory issues.

If you want your space to be toxin-free, we suggest investing in high-quality, low-VOC paint. You can also find toxin-free paints in the market today. If you want to know more about brands that offer natural and eco-friendly paint options, check out another Renodots article here.

It is great if you’d like to accommodate your child’s wants, especially when it comes to their masterpieces, usually found on walls and not on the paper you provide them. You could opt for washable paint formulas where they can scribble and doodle all they want. After the ‘art endeavour,’ you can clean it off easily.

For children that are a little older, you can consider dedicating one of the walls in the home for them to unleash their art. You could paint it with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. Alternatively, you can get chalkboard or whiteboard panels and fix them on the wall; you just need to be creative!

Check your furnishings

Living room
Image from Nonagon Style

Last but not least, the home furnishings. We sometimes get a little too excited about getting furniture for our child (especially newborns). We make a mistake buying costly ones that will need replacement quite quickly. Remember, children grow up fast!

Instead, we should think long term and invest in practical, multifunctional pieces that can evolve with the child as they grow.

Storage is also very important. It will evolve from mommy and baby accessories to toys and later on, books. Therefore, having good storage (and closed storage to keep dust at bay) is paramount.

In the living area, consider getting sofas with fixed cushions. That way, your little ones won’t be dragging and tugging it down. If guests suddenly come, you don’t have to scramble to put the cushions together, so it looks presentable. You might still need to push all the toys aside though.

When it comes to tables, cupboards and chairs, it is best to omit the edges. How do you do that? Buy furniture with rounded sides instead. Also, avoid purchasing low coffee tables. You wouldn’t want them to use it as an obstacle course and whoops, another coffee spill!

Parents and soon-to-be parents, we hope that you’ll consider these points before you finalise your renovations. Even if you’ve moved into your new home before you stumbled on this article, it is ok! There are always ways to create a kid-friendly space without a total overhaul. You can start by placing rugs or moving the furniture around to create a more conducive place for your child.

If you are looking to redesign your home, do view our list of interior designers at Renodots. They are gifted with ideation that can change a mundane space into one that is functional and beautiful.

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