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It is apparent to all Singaporeans and permanent residents that space is of the essence – especially if you live in a tiny but populated metropolis that spans the whole country. Every square meter must serve a purpose! Homeowners are often looking for functional interior design ideas!

By definition, sleek is a smooth and polished design. The word also carries a dark and modern aura. But wait a minute, can sleek lean towards being sanitized and un-homey?

This is where Obbio Concept proves many wrong.

Check out how they transformed this 5-room BTO into a sleek and modern home with a functional interior design layout that is functional to fit a modern family’s needs.

obbio concept - 5 room bto living room

Step into the unit and feel free in its spaciousness!

Instead of cluttering space with storage and decor, Obbio makes it obvious that space can be played around without adding more furnishing.

Given the owner’s affinity with darker shades, Obbio introduced tinted glass into the home. It is used to divide the kitchen from the living area and along the wall where the television console is located..

obbio concept - 5 room bto kitchen

Wander in further to where the tinted glass door is let yourself into the kitchen. Seeing that the owners frequently cook up meals, the kitchen must be functional, easy to clean and not just for show.

That is not all!

Workspaces must be kept organised. Here, we see that the kitchen appliances and crockery are placed on the right side, linear with the sink and stove. The left countertop, however, is left empty. It is designed this way so food prep can be done without water getting splashed on the chopping board or in bowls with items that are meant to be refrigerated.

The marble-patterned backsplash from Hafary carries the sleek and simple concept into the kitchen, and though you might not see it, there is a concealed cooker hood (downdraft extractor) from Obro that can be revealed when it is time to prep meals.

obbio concept - 5 room bto living room 2

The living room was quite spacious for a family of three, and hence, a small area has been converted to a study. Just behind the television console is a room lined by glass. This is a genius design that does not inhibit natural light from extending deeper into the home.

The new room is then made into a home office where a custom L-shaped desk and cabinets are installed to play its function.

obbio concept - 5 room bto study room

From this angle, you can see evidence of smart space usage. Instead of having a spacious living area that will probably be taken up by a coffee table, the room is divided and repurposed into a functional area.

However, to keep the communal areas open, storage spaces are reserved for the private quarters. The sliding glass doors that separate the workspace from the living room is efficient and space-saving. It also gives the impression of spaciousness as the doors simply act as dividers of space.

obbio concept - 5 room bto bedroom 3

Every time one mentions the children’s room, people associate it with colourful walls, bright plastic toys and light wooden furnishings. But not for this home. Instead, it stays functional with hints of colour.

As you can see, the room is fitted with a queen-size platform bed with hidden storage underneath.

Instead of having a wall separating both rooms, it is replaced by a space-efficient divider. Walls are thicker than dividers and if you can save a few inches of space, why not?

obbio concept - 5 room bto bathroom n cupboard

On the flip side of the other room, is the walk-in wardrobe. Despite constraints with the layout, a large walk-in wardrobe was successfully fitted with full-height shelves to house a bag collection.

Towards the left is the ensuite bathroom and on the right is where the bed is.

obbio concept - 5 room bto bedroom 2

Using a similar dividing technique as seen in the living room and study, the sleeping area and wardrobe are divided, so both sides are allocated a function.

obbio concept - 5 room bto bedroom 3

You won’t see the wardrobe from the bed as it is hidden by a makeshift wall that makes it a focal point in this setting.

If you love the simplicity and functional interior design ideas in this home, we welcome you to chat up with Obbio Concept on Renodots. They are an experienced and highly regarded studio of interior designers that will listen and create what you want. Drop them a line, and they will do up a quote for you – no strings attached!

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