The Many Ways To Use Your Versatile Kitchen Islands

the ways to use your versatile kitchen island

Kitchen islands are important add-ons for home cooks or chefs who value preparing meals efficiently. It can be accessed from multiple angles; a feature that other countertops can’t claim to offer. This raises its value as something essential to the modern kitchen design. True enough, some small homes have begun using just one kitchen island as the only counter in the kitchen. Here are some tips on how to maximize your kitchen island’s potential for your small apartment:

Treat it as extra storage as well as an extra work surface

Tkny Interior - Kitchen

Credit: TKNY Interior Design

Whether it’s an open storage or a closable cabinet, most kitchen islands already incorporate storage space underneath the countertop. Using the base of your kitchen island as extra storage space is almost a no-brainer. Its position at the center makes it an excellent storage for often used cookware. It can also serve as a pantry where you can store oils, salt, pepper, and other often used condiments.

The interior place - kitchen style

Credit: The Interior Place

Put wheels on it so you can easily move it when not needed

Small kitchens tend to lack work surface and floor space. A wheeled kitchen island may just be the answer to both these constraints. When you’re not cooking and the ability to move around quickly is the number one concern, having a kitchen island that can be put away is a great thing to have. This way, you don’t have to blindly feel your way to the refrigerator on your way to a midnight snack.

Renozone Kitchen design

Credit: Renozone

If you’re on a really tight budget, you don’t even have to have one made specifically for you. An off-the-rack kitchen trolley can serve the same purpose as a regular kitchen island just as well. Use it as a serving tray when you’re done with the cooking as you can roll it off straight to the dining room.

plush interior designer

Credit: Plush Interior Design

Don’t restrict its use as a kitchen table

Some designers are adept at using different furniture as a mixed-use fixture. The kitchen island is so versatile that it’s usually the first one to be used as something else when the apartment is spatially challenged. Make your kitchen island a multipurpose table, not just for kitchen use. It can double up as the main dining table. This can result in an incredibly beautiful design if done correctly.

Nid interior kitchen style

Credit: NID Interior 

It can also be used as a divider that demarcates the end of the kitchen and the beginning of a new space such as the living room. This way, it can be used not just as a meal prep surface but as a workspace as well. By hiding a power outlet somewhere inside it, you can definitely get some work done on it.

in2space id group kitchen design

Credit: In2space Id Group

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