Mid-Century Styled Family Home

Everything about this home just screams family, from the soft and warm colours, to the furniture choices, to the design and layout, this home was designed to create areas and spaces for a family to hang out and spend quality time together. First the main shared space, which has been divided into a dining area and a living room. The living room part of this home has been designed to look very big, but also to keep things cosy. With a huge L-shaped sofa stretching right across the room and the sides, the living space has been created to be comfortable and usable. A family spending time together would be more than happy in this room with the large soft rug, a couch for 6 which you can comfortably sprawl across, and a space for drinks and snacks. Perfectly designed for families who want to spend the weekends or evenings watching shows together, the comfortable and homey design keeps the family close and intimate.

Mid-Century Styled living room

Between the living and dining areas of the home, the owners decided to put up a false wall. This allows them to keep the two areas of the home separate, and it also lets them create an almost ‘infinity’ like design with the television. Creating a recess for the television and the other consoles, the wall is kept perfectly flat, a very clean looking design overall. It also helps to save since you won’t need to get another console.

The colour palette of the living space remains light and bright, giving the room a very cheery disposition. With the light cream sofa and the bamboo-like floor finish, the room makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.

Mid-Century Styled dining area

While it may be a dining area, the space also includes some chairs for lounging and relaxing if you aren’t in the mood for TV. The dining space is very big to cater to this family’s emphasis on family time, letting you and your extended family fit comfortably around it. By keeping the partition wall between the living and dining area only up to half the length of the room, the flow between the rooms is not interrupted, keeping the space feeling large and airy.

Mid-Century Styled kitchen

With a few off-white tiles for the backsplash of the kitchen, the room has a little bit of playfulness to it. The simple unassuming look makes it easy and comfortable to cook in.

Mid-Century Styled oven and microwave shelves

Oven and microwave shelves have also been added in, freeing up space on the countertop and keeping the place organised. The top shelves also have lights installed under them, keeping the countertops well lit and very usable.

Mid-Century Styled overall kitchen

The overall look of the kitchen may be simple, but it remains easy to use with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Mid-Century Styled bathroom with bathtub

If you love bubble baths, you’ll love this bathroom. Opting for a shower and tub instead of the usual shower, the rub is a great comfort choice for families and couples. Kids will love playing in bubble baths, while adults will enjoy unwinding in a warm tub after a long day of work.

Mid-Century Styled children's room

A room meant for a child is meant to be fun and comfortable, and that’s just what this is. A simple design can go a long way for a child’s room, especially with younger children. The play sets and chalkboard give them the tools to explore in a safe environment. Smaller drawers are also useful for storing their toys when not in use. The simple vinyl wall stickers are easy to put up, and easy to remove when you child feels that they’ve outgrown them.

Mid-Century Styled playroom

A room set aside for play is another good choice if you have space to spare. Keeping the play room and bedroom separate can save you a lot of cleaning up (since the play room is meant to get a little dirty anyways). The open shelves display all their favourite soft toys, letting them see everything at once which can be useful with younger children before they can talk.

Mid-Century Styled master bedroom

The master bedroom has been designed to be comfortable yet understated. With a simple yet grand looking bedframe, the soft headboard and foot make for a comfortable support and rest if you’re sitting up. The TV in the master bedroom also lets you unwind right from the comfort of the bedroom, giving you great options for movie nights or weekends from the bed.

Mid-Century Styled L-shaped cupboard

Making the most of the awkward shape to the room, the L-shaped cupboard takes advantage of the two walls to even them out slightly and provide enough space for your clothes. The frosted glass element to them adds a certain degree od exquisiteness to the appearance.

Mid-Century Styled vanity area

The small but functional vanity area is a big bonus with this. While you have a full length mirror on one side, you also get a smaller one for touch ups too.