Minimalism Meets Hampton Style

Minimalism marries Hampton styled homes in this vibrant renovation by Meraki Interior. Conceptualizing a home that is relaxed and comfortable, with the carefreeness of a beach home, mixed in with the neat and sharpness of minimalism, Meraki Interior has put together an amazing masterpiece of this 4-room flat. The light and airy palette with eggshell white walls matched with cool, neutral but exciting accents help this home avoid the pitfall of being too boring and bland, but does not go over the top to make it too high-energy, retaining a calming and almost holiday-esq home vibe to it.

Living Room

Meraki Interior minimalist living room

As you enter, you would notice that the entire home has been painted a uniform cream-white. The colour is bright but at the same time neutral, making it a brilliant option to accentuate the minimalistic nature of the design. The potentially ‘boring’ design is made exciting with subtle hints. The additional texture of the walls with the intricate designs add another layer to the charm of the home and adds another element to the room. The use of two layers of curtains, a lace followed by a set of black out curtains, helps to control the amount of light coming into the home. Not just for practical reasons, the lace curtain is also part of the décor, livening up the window area.

Meraki Interior grey-blue hue sofa and white background

The grey-blue hue of the sofa complements the white walls well, not detracting from the intended straightforwardness of the design, yet still elevating it from just a simple design. The windows also feature additional seats, perfect for extra guests or lounging and relaxing as you people watch.

Dining Area

Meraki Interior simple white dining area

The dining area is smaller than expected, but it makes the most of the space available. A simple white dining table extends out from the kitchen, almost like an island and an extension of the preparation area. The glass sheet reflects a small blue hue, adding a splash of colour to the room and the combination of the blue from the glass and the white from the table create a scene reminiscent of the beach, giving the room a relaxing atmosphere.

The lights above the dining table have also been selected to add some flair to the design, while straightforward, they do not break the minimalistic mould. A mirror behind the dining table helps to add depth to the room, with the reflection of the light helping to brighten up the room and add to the light atmosphere.


Meraki Interior open concept kitchen

The kitchen adopts an open concept. With a simple stove top and a small island for preparation, no space has been wasted in the construction of the design. Multiple custom-built cabinets serve across the island and the kitchen counter, giving more than enough space for all your utensils and cutlery. The hood has also been very cleverly disguised, with the cupboards hiding the rest of it in plain sight, this avoids any ‘breaks’ in the aesthetics of the kitchen and ensures a uniform continuity.

Meraki Interior complementary kitchen design

Overall, the dining area and kitchen blend together seamlessly, forming a perfectly cohesive and complementary design which flows without borders.

Meraki Interior contemporary home design

The contemporary design is a clear success, with meticulous planning and well-crafted choices of each element, the end product is a house you can really call a home. The warm inviting woody tones mixed with the Hampton styled palette makes whoever steps into it immediately at ease.