Minimalist Loft Design Ideas

By James Frankurt , Jan 04, 2017
Minimalist Loft Design Ideas

MINIMALIST - The New Phase in Interior Designing

Minimalism is still a relatively new concept in the design world; coming into its own fashion in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, particularly in the area of American visual art. However, it has since expanded and entered the forays of interior design as well. Minimalist design strives to avoid clutter and ensure a cosy and fresh outlook. As a trend and lifestyle, minimalism has also been gaining ground in Singapore (e.g. Minimalist in the City and Minimalist Society). In fact, a study by Qanvast foresaw a trend in 2018, that homeowners will choose to opt for ‘simpler, natural looks over fancier styles’. If you are looking out to incorporate the minimalist style for your home interior, below we share with you some of the designs to consider.

1. Mysterious Black Going pristine – White, Light & Black

Although the minimalist style has since evolved to incorporate bolder colours and texture, fans of minimalism would know that the style started out as an all-white trend. Despite the evolution, the choice to go white is still an all-time classic: Going white brings out a very fresh ambience in your home with the clean and pristine living space. To add colour to the look, it is also a common trend to pair both black and white together. This is indeed an evergreen combination that is pleasing to the eyes – a blend of the fresh yet austere.

Simplicity is the ultimate beauty. Having white as the main colour for your interior makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland.

White, Light & Black

2. Cosy Ambience – Wood overtones

Using wood overtones is also a favourite recourse for many in their minimalist designs. The colour and texture of wood not only enhance the appearance of your house, but it also brings out a comfortable and cosy vibe that makes your home an enjoyable space to return to after a hard day’s work. Additionally, the immaculate and minimalist style you are adopting allows the looking eyes to focus on the workmanship of the woodwork, its great furnishing and the texture/design.

Wood overtones
Wood overtones
Wood overtones
Wood overtones

3. Going Bold – Metallic Overtones & Splash of Bright Colours

Above, we have discussed some of the basic favourites of minimalism – from going white and pairing it with the classic black to incorporating the practical yet cosy hues of wooden overtones. However, as mentioned above, minimalist design has also evolved beyond these basic evergreen colours and is attuned with trends and fashion. If you are adventurous but has the soul of a minimalist, it is perhaps time to go bold. For example, going edgy and incorporating an overall industrial look and feel (e.g. adopting grey tones, metal plates and grainy marble look for your furniture, flooring or the wall). Homeowners may also include a splash of bold colours like red and yellow for the furniture or decoration, which brings out an edgy spunk while not compromising on your minimalist concept.

Metallic Overtones & Splash of Bright Colours

4. Simplicity, Functionality & Ample Space

Be it you decide to go all white, black or adopt a wooden or edgy tone to your interior design, there is one basic element in minimalism that you can discern above – the need for simplicity and ample space. Indeed, this is heart of minimalist design. For a minimalist design to be successful, the living area is typically left with wide open spaces that not only gives one a breathing space but also provides an inviting atmosphere. To achieve the latter, some techniques/methods you can consider includes spreading out the furniture wide apart instead of having cramped spaces, arranging the things as well as leveraging on large windows to allow plenty of light in. Aside from ample space, another technique of minimalist style is to keep the decoration simple and to a bare minimum. Plus, each decoration or item you see in the interior is there for a reason: A purposeful and meaningful design that evaluate both the aesthetics and value.

Simplicity, Functionality & Ample Space