Designer: In2pace ID Group

Theme: Modern

A spacious abode with a high ceiling, this apartment looks simply majestic. From the grand living room to the cozy master bedroom and lovely children’s room, this space is the epitome of luxurious living.

A simple yet classy chandelier hangs from the ceiling, providing a warm glow throughout the room and giving the pristine floors a gorgeous glossy sheen. The underlying glamour to the design manifests in the choice of furniture, such as the exquisite marble coffee table and plush seating, that complement the mirrored walls. Charming taupe curtains pull open to a stunning view of the neighbourhood. The large windows provide an abundance of natural light that work with the mirrored elements to make the apartment more spacious and evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

In2pace ID Group large mirror windows

The dining area carries the same understated elegance as the living room, with a lustrous dining table and alluring green chairs. The top-hung, foldable tinted glass on the island hides the kitchen, if necessary, and is especially perfect for the messy cook that want the apartment to look presentable when entertaining guests.

In2pace ID Group master bedroom with side table

The master bedroom is cozy, with large windows that draw in the natural light. A polished side table and matching dresser provide ample space for storing items, keeping clutter off the floor.

In2pace ID Group children room with baby pink blinds

With lovely baby pink blinds and complementary blush-pink butterfly walls, the children’s room looks stunning. The room boasts ample storage space with under-the-bed storage, a study table with drawers, white cupboards and shelves, along with a fantastically spacious Hello Kitty closet. Like the rest of the abode, this room is simple and chic.

We are proud to announce that the living room in this apartment has won the Renodots People’s Favourite Living Room Design Award for In2Space ID Group. We would also like to congratulate Ms Jacelyn Ho, for voting on this design and winning herself a pair of Golden Village Gold Class vouchers!

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