Modern Industrial Chic

Renovating a resale flat can be tricky business, especially if you’re thinking about doing a complete overhaul to update the home. From repainting to adding in custom built furniture, this home was given all the works to make sure it doesn’t get lost in time. With the facelift, the home not only looks amazing, but is completely functional. It wouldn’t be too hard to mistake this older flat for a brand new BTO with all the work put into it.

Modern Industrial Chic living room

Starting with the entryway, older flats tend to have a different orientation to them. With the entryways being longer and more rectangular, the owners decided to turn it into the living area. The velvet sofa and darker tones chosen allows the home to appear glitzy with this chic style choice.

The industrial design complements these choices, the naturally dark tone for this choice gives the room a more mature appearance to it. With dark wood grain finishes paired with the darker tones for the furniture, there is an air of sophistication and luxury.

Modern Industrial Chic door cupboards

The very awkward recess next to the door has also been filled in. With a set of cupboards and shelves bordering the sides of the window, the otherwise wasted space is given new life. The mixture of open and closed shelves keeps the room looking casual and not intimidating.

Modern Industrial Chic living space

While the living space may be small, it was made cosy for the young family of 2. With the plush velvet sofa, the living space is cosy and comfortable with soft textures. The splash of green gives the room a much-needed streak of colour without detracting too much from the modernist look it achieves. Simple brass finishes on the legs are a subtle touch which fits very nicely in this industrial themed home.

Modern Industrial Chic TV console area

The TV console area has been transformed into a gorgeous construction of dark stained wood and a sleek matte black finish. With a minimalist inspiration, the area is kept clutter free with the plethora of shelving units and drawers. The marble faced clock is a nice finishing to the console. With the luxurious yet earthy vibe it gives, it is the eye-catching part of the entire display.

Modern Industrial Chic entertainment area

What’s more, the larger cupboard opens up to reveal a simple entertainment area. Built as a darts entertainment system, it’s the perfect set up for a night with some friends over as you chill and play darts.

Modern Industrial Chic open concept kitchen

Being a small home, meant for a smaller family, there was no need to dedicate space for a formal dining space. Opting to expand the kitchen instead, the dining area is an extension of the kitchen with the countertop bar-styled dining. The open concept also lets the room look even bigger, hacking away the dividing walls creates an openness to help the homes smaller size. The lighting and electrical wiring has also been redone. With exposed black tracks, the ceiling comes to life as the wires dart across the home in all directions. The exposed bulbs take the place of conventional pendant lights, serving the industrial theme of this home. 

Modern Industrial Chic kitchen

The kitchen has a very clean and sleek look to it. The matte black finish gives it a very professional look, while the wooden doors on the cupboards adds complementing colours to the darker tones.

Modern Industrial Chic stove area

On the other side, the artisanal  knife block sports a matching colour and texture to the countertop, while the side-by-side stoves give a non-pretentious look to the kitchen.

Modern Industrial Chic work and play area

One of the bedrooms has been converted into a work and play area. With a custom-built desk, full of all the bells and whistles, including LEDs along the edges, a fully movable screen and glass display cabinets all around, this is the ultimate ‘man-cave’. The design and the features speak for themselves as the stylish design is sure to impress your guests.

Modern Industrial Chic bathroom

The bathroom has also been updated, with the dark granite tiling, it fits into the industrial style of the rest of the home perfectly. While older homes may have exposed pipes in the toilets, this home has cleverly incorporated it into the design, by painting them black they don’t look anywhere out of place.

Modern Industrial Chic master bedroom

The entire master bedroom has been redesigned with custom furniture and decorations. The floor to ceiling cupboards gives lots of room for storage. The specially designed bedframe has been built to suit the specific needs of the owners. With a nightstand on one side, and the wall on the other it creates a warm and cosy kind of nest. The feature wall behind the bed has been done with vinyl stickers, making them easy to remove if you ever want to change what’s there, but in the meantime, the geometric design adds a little futuristic vibe to the room, while still fitting in with the overall industrial theme.