Modern Influences Mixed Contemporary Look

Making a statement with this transitional styled home, the combination on modern influences with contemporary looks creates a unique blend of styles in this comfortable maisonette. Starting with the living space, muted tones and off-white colours offers a safe choice of options for a well-designed living room. Choosing pastel grey to mix with the chosen white elements here, the subtle colour gradient created remains cool and understated, the perfect way to pull off one of the classic styles in modern industrial design styles.

Ovon living room

With a larger than average living room, the owners were given more space behind the sofa as well to make use of. Being the main walkway between the kitchen and the dining area, this channel was very important, and had to be decorated meaningfully since guests will undoubtably pass through here. Decorating the space with photos, the area becomes a showcase of the family’s trips and memories. This addition allows the space to become occupied rather than bare, while still allowing for a large enough walkway of space to move about.

Ovon urban chic dining area

The choice of black accent knobs against the white cupboards of the TV console adds another layer of design to the home. With the inclusion of this urban styled flair, the transitional style has been rightfully updated with these new modern trends. This styling also continues on to the dining area where large panels of glass have been erected to fully enclose the dining area with urban chic.

The fully wooden dining table with matching rattan chairs are reminiscent of a tranquil and relaxing setting. Commonly associated with beach getaways, the inclusion of these motifs in the house makes for a relaxing and casual dinner. With the oriental styled mirror in clear view from here, the entire setting has come together to allow you to comfortably unwind as you enjoy your meal.

Ovon transitiona style kitchen

While the parts of the home so far have taken clear types of furnishing styles, from the kitchen the lines are blurred even further as the nature of transitional styling homogenizes the modern and contemporary styles. From the outset of the kitchen, the appearance has a sophisticated allure to it. With the modern styling of flat and sleek cabinetry against contemporary inclusions of the pendant lights and veined stone back splash, it’s no wonder this enviable look has been so successful.

Ovon transitional kitchen

The sleek design of the built-in cupboards makes use of the well-defined form to create clean lines with strong edges to them. The glossy crystal finish of the countertop creates a generally stylish finish which is easy to maintain. The interesting thing about the design is that here, the tiling is rather unique for transitional designs. Not native to either the modern or contemporary style, the pattern on the floor is reflected more in country and farmhouse designs. The rustic touch of a patterned tiled floor provides a sense of warmth in the generally colder transitional styling.

Ovon dual tone staircase

The dual tone black and white mix of styles at the staircase and landing give a bold look. With the stark contrast between the two polar colours, the effect mimics the urban design of the dining area and lets this normally forgotten part of the home stand out.

Ovon modern bathroom

The modern styling in the bathroom gives a quirky touch to the space. Taking the popular trends of the 50’s and 60’s, the style of tiling, matched with the addition of plants gives a little more life to the bathroom as it takes its own form.

Ovon maximising bedroom space

Bedroom, home gym and study all rolled into one. While the room may not be the biggest in the home, the space utilization has been done very well. Maximizing the available space, the usual additions to the room are included, from a bed to the cupboards to the workspace by the entrance. But it didn’t stop there, adding a pull-up bar to the vertical space, and some resistance bands, you can now have a full body work out from the comfort of your room. What’s best, is that the room still looks spacious as the exercise equipment is relatively simple and takes up very little space.

Ovon spanish styled bathroom tiles

The tiling of the bathroom ensuite to the master bedroom is much more cultural with its Spanish styled tiles and patterns. The shower space has been expanded, making for a much more comfortable space, and the larger area removes the need for a door, giving you more room for the walkway and the toilet itself.

Ovon transitional style master bedroom

The master bedroom follows the same transitional style as the rest of the home. With the same carpet her as in the living room, the congruency of the style has been maintained from top to bottom. The bi fold doors of the cupboard have accommodated the recessed format of the cupboards, allowing them to take up less space, but still have an elegant way of opening.

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