Modern Interior Bound to Impress

Venue: Serangoon North Ave 1

Designer: Escapade Studios

Built with the intent to impress, this new home is sure to wow and blow you away. As a mix of Scandinavian minimalism, and Contemporary design, the elements within the home are vibrant and exciting, while still warm and comfortable.

Escapade Studios living space

The living space makes the most of the natural lighting. With wide windows spanning across the length of the room, light, views and fresh air are allowed to make its way into the room. The natural light fall beautifully on the various natural elements, from the floor to the dining area, giving the room a strong connection with the outdoors. This is not only ideal for the Scandinavian design, but the induction of natural light into the room also helps to boost the mood and ambience, making for a warm and cosy lounging area.

The television panel is another bold choice. Instead of using plain marble, the choice here was meant to be exciting and lively. With thick and bold streaks of grey across the wall, it draws the attention of all those in the room, acting as the centre piece of this part of the home. It’s also useful for the television, as it attracts the attention towards the screen, with the lines converging centrally towards it, a brilliant masterpiece of design and function.

Escapade Studios sliding black board

Not just a quirky way to decorate the living room, the sliding black board is amazing for homes with children and toddlers who love to draw on walls. Or a working space for anyone to express their creativity and artistic talents. The erasable blackboard gives a never-ending list of options, from artworks, to lists, to reminders, you can use it in whatever way you fancy. Plus, you can keep things exciting and change it up when you feel bored or there’s a change in season (it’ll be a great place to draw up some festive decorations too!).

Escapade Studios reading nook

Ever dreamt of having your own private corner you can snuggle in while you dive into your latest book? Well this home put a strong emphasis on comfort, both comfortable living and rest for the soul. Maximizing the space available, this space is both a storage area, and place to unwind and get away from it all as you read in peace. With throw pillows and a fluffy seat, you could spend hours curled up as you lose yourself between the pages, a perfect place of calm and contemplation.

Escapade Studios futuristic designed kitchen

The futuristic design of the kitchen is both exciting and professional looking. Starting from the entrance, there’s a certain charm to how it mixes elements of contemporary design with slight nods to a more advanced look.

Escapade Studios geometric wall pattern

The geometric patterns of the wall add flair to the kitchen. With gorgeous streaked marble finishes on the counter and back wall, the contemporary design is flawlessly executed. Truly a treat for the eyes, the kitchen exudes luxurious living with such a crisp look.

Escapade Studios white kitchen cabinets

Using white on the cabinets and drawers, the room looks spotless and shimmers under the light. The overhead cupboards use a wood-like finish instead, which helps the room avoid looking gawdy and pretentious.

Escapade Studios store room door

The door to the store room has also been ingeniously concealed. Blending into the design, it looks perfectly in place and does not disrupt the flow of the patterns.

Escapade Studios small reading enclave

Another small reading enclave, here the decoration gives this potentially boring part of the house a dramatic elegance.

Escapade Studios children room

‘Like a dream’ – The ideal description of a bedroom for a child. The room has been designed thoughtfully and purposefully to bring out the child-like wonder and imagination of a child and translated it into the perfect room. With night-lights resembling a galaxy littered with stars, a neutral yet soothing palette, and even fitting some workspaces in, the room gives the children so much to enjoy as they grow up.

Escapade Studios bathroom

Simply beautiful, the bathroom looks as if it was carved right out of a piece of marble. The glossy stone tiling with matching wooden wash basin puts the focus back on natural elements. A little splash of gold doesn’t hurt either in injecting some glamour to this room.

Escapade Studios master bedroom

The master bedroom maximizes the space available. By putting the cupboards in this layout, it divides the room into its functional sections, bed, toilet and dressing in a subtle manner without the need for even more furniture. Keeping the bed off centre is another interesting strategy which has paid off in this instance. By pushing it to the side, more space can be delegated for the cupboards and drawers, giving enough extra room to even be able to fit a vanity area.

Escapade Studios master bathroom

Onto the piece de resistance of this home. The master bathroom. One look into this and you’re immediately blown away. With some of the most elegant tiles of the entire home, the larger tiles make the room look even bigger and more spacious. The luxurious white and grey marble breathes decadence to this room as it incorporates elements of early 20th century décor into the design flawlessly.