Modern Minimalist Twist

By James Frankurt , Jul 26, 2019
Modern Minimalist Twist

The architectural inspiration behind the design of the home was simply to achieve a minimalist appearance, while going big on usable (and concealed) space. Minimalist living can be the ideal goal for most homes, given the limit in size, but these usually come with quite a few drawbacks, especially if you do have a lot of stuff (or a lot of stuff to display). This home, however, strips away that façade of creating a ‘void’ in minimalist living, and instead, offers a minimalist style with the additional space.

Most of the time, the point of a minimalist style is to create a home which looks bigger and wider, this is probably the most useful in smaller homes. With fewer things cluttering the room, the visual lines are uninterrupted, and you avoid that feeling of claustrophobia. But this usually means getting rid of anything (and possibly everything) that could be unnecessary. However, how this home got around doing that was to create pockets of space which increases shelving and concealed storage spaces, leaving the front of the home to look prim and proper, while the bulk of the things are kept away from the eyes.

Modern Minimalist living room

The minimalist option keeps the room looking neat and tidy. Not just that, it also declutters areas like the floor and walls which has been choice in this home. Having an emptier floor means being able to show off more of the exquisite flooring. The wooden tones of the shelves flow seamlessly from the faded hues of sandstone quartz to match with the glossy white accents across the room. The choice console wall behind the TV adds to the harmony within the room. The grey veins running right through it gives an almost texture like appearance to it. The variety of tones and textures within the room adds life to a conventional colour palette.

Modern Minimalist built-in shelves

By flushing the built-in shelves to align with the wall the cupboards blend seamlessly into the perimeters of the home. While it reduces the available floor space, it does not impede any flow or movement. The floor-to-ceiling choice aids with this as the continuous stretch appears as part of the room itself. The built-in cupboards also help with the space issue, giving more room for storage and housekeeping.

The built-in shelves are also a choice display option. With the living room designed to look sophisticated and catered to a higher niche, it’s no wonder that the owners have opted to convert one set of shelves into a bar. The open bar gives off an aura of class and tastefulness, and the set of cupboards perfectly allow this. With the open bar showing off the bottles of liquor above, the bottom shelf makes for the storage for glasses and other bar equipment which can be quickly accessed, and quickly tucked away.

Modern Minimalist table shelf

Complete with its own shelf, the design flushes the units beneath the table, making sure nothing sticks out, perfect for books or display pieces, the shelf gives handy access, but also a fine choice of display since it is in the line of sight from the door.

Modern Minimalist kitchen

A truly modern kitchen, the shelves are not only stocked with loads of space, but also decked out with all the appliances you need. The recessed sockets for the equipment let them blend perfectly into the design of the wall, maintaining a smooth and comfortable appearance.

Modern Minimalist master bedroom

The design of the master bedroom is another space maximizing luxurious option. Without missing a beat, the room is prepared with a full-sized vanity area for all your make up needs and is conveniently located right next to the wardrobe and bathroom. The partitioning of the room via the built-in cupboard utilizes the space naturally occupied by the cupboard. The separation allows you to keep one side of the room lit, while the other remains dark, a useful design to avoid waking others up. The cupboard goes full out with the swank, featuring a full-length display case right at its foot. Whether you want to put your bags, watches or precious memories up on display, there’s no better way than in this attention-catching cabinet.

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