Modern Scandi Abode designed by My Reno Diary

Scandinavian inspired designs are now a dime a dozen. The post-modern movement has taken the world by storm, whether through mass producing giants like Ikea, or through interior designer companies, you’ll find these Nordic designs at the top of their lists. However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that it is easy to produce a good product. My Reno Diary is one of the trusted interior design companies who not only execute this timeless classic flawlessly, but go above and beyond the norm, to deliver a truly personalised package to suit the needs of each client.

My Reno Diary minimalistic living room

Even without the Christmas tree set up you’d be able to tell this home has a strong Norse influence. The birch woodgrain floors flow continuously to extend to the cream painted walls, the combination of both keeps the overall setting of the home light. The entrance from the front door leads to a very open and empty entry way before the living room. The minimalistic take on this layout makes the room look even bigger, with more space to walk around, and more unobstructed space, the room looks much more opened up and inviting.

The simple cabinet by the door is perfect for getting out of the house. With open shelves for shoes and keys, keep your necessities easily accessible as you walk out your door. The cabinet doors also help the room stay neat and tidy, hiding away any unsightly mess and keeping your items well organized.

My Reno Diary Simple neutral colours for living room

In the living room, a standard set up with the sofa, coffee table and television console and television itself keeps things mellow. Simple neutral colours pair well with the light woodgrain finishes on the furniture. Interestingly, there is both orange and white lighting in the room. The choice of either kind of lighting gives you much more flexibility on determining the mood and ambiance of the room. Orange lighting makes for a softer glow on the furniture, useful for late nights when your eyes are used to the low light conditions. While white light would be much brighter, giving you many more details of the room, perfect for entertaining guests, doing work, or any other daily tasks.

Specially for this home, the addition of a new member of the family meant that a play area had to be designated for him. In order to fulfil this request, a small elevated platform was built specifically as a safe play area. Covered with a soft velvet carpet and comfortable beanbag, keeping this zone devoid of hard objects keeps it perfectly safe for the baby to explore on his own.

My Reno Diary open kitchen concept

In this day of open kitchen concepts, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ kitchens are often unheard of, especially in flats. However, opting for a similar concept, the home splits the kitchen into two segments, while keeping a semi-open concept. On the inside, the fridge, oven and microwave are fully accessible from the living room, making it easy to make a quick snack. Full length glass panels and doors keep the outer part of the kitchen feeling like it is still part of the home, while creating a comfortable barrier to prevent strong smells from cooking out of the living room.

My Reno Diary simple outer kitchen design

The ‘outer’ kitchen features a simple design, with cupboards and drawers lining both sides of the kitchen, you won’t be running out of storage space anytime soon. The hanging rack opposite the stoves keeps your utensils neatly arranged but still in arms reach for when you need them.

My Reno Diary simple wall-to-wall desk

A simple wall-to-wall desk keeps the layout simple. Without any other frills, the table can comfortably fit 3 work stations, with 2 drawers each. Enough space for a small workspace from home without overcomplicating matters.

My Reno Diary minimalist master bedroom

The minimalist approach to the master bedroom allows for lots of floor space. Freeing up the area in front of the wardrobes keeps the room from feeling too cramped or claustrophobic. For these young parents, it also meant being able to comfortably fit a cot next to their bed, giving them a watchful eye over their baby throughout the night.

You’d notice that the woodgrain on the floor here has become much darker, matching the darker cupboards and bedframe of the room. It also helps to keep the lighting in the room lower, preventing excessive glare and making it more soothing for a good nights rest.