Monochrome Beauty

With a focus on study elements, this home takes inspiration from not only nature but also the interpretation and representation of nature in the home. With jadeite décor, mineralized bonsai and crystal pieces, the display shelf serve as the cornerstone of the home. The stained glass serves as the perfect background to give this display cabinet a sense of luxury as the decorations speak for themselves.

The entire shelf is a homage to typical eastern influences in an otherwise western dominated design. With components such as the jadeite and bonsai, the home retains a strong Asian rooting, reflecting the nature and heritage of the homeowners. The pieces add to the home’s exclusivity, with such opulent taste and décor style, the decorations are not merely just pleasing to the eye, but also a subtle nod to the exquisite taste of the owners.

From the front door, the room has been modelled to optimize the natural flow around the home. With a display cabinet angling the entryway towards the living room, guests will naturally feel inclined towards this part of the home. The cabinet also provides a division between the hall and the dining area. This keeps the dining area close and cosy.

The colour palette for this home takes a typical monochrome style but peppers it with enough panache to elevate it to the level of elegance. With features such as marble and granite, the natural touch is easily felt within the home, and the neutral colours keep the atmosphere casual.

Ovon monochrome living room

Even at the entry way, the design takes no breaks in getting you swept up in the vibes of this home. The eastern influences are clear here with many decorative pieces greeting you as you enter. In traditional Asian styles, the symbol of guarding lions have been revitalized and reimagined in this design. These symbols traditionally represent the protection of the home or building. Whether they will indeed provide divine protection are things of myths and legends but here they undoubtably add well to the ambiance of the home.

Keeping with traditional Asian homes, a lot of effort has been put in to retain the traditional look, but with the genius of Ovon, this style has been effectively and stylishly modernized to better reflect the present society. Using crystal and mineral-based bonsai pieces, along with granite and stone items which resemble their traditional counterparts, the home stays rooted to tradition but updated to the times.

Ovon monochrome dining area

The dining area features more modern styles. Keeping the traditional pieces in the living room, the dining area instead keeps things comfortable and stylish. With a trendy modern interpretation of a chandelier, the exposed bulbs let the gold really dazzle. Going for more off-white colours here, the cream coloured chairs and eggshell white table goes better with the gold and yellow motifs chosen for this part of the room. With such a luxurious look to it, its no wonder the owners would be prepared to host guests, and what better way to do it than with an immaculately prepared bar. With gold track lighting illuminating against the grand black marble, the bar just looks stunning. Fully prepared with spaces for spirits and glasses of all sorts, the shelves not only house those bottles of whiskey, but are perfectly placed to show them off too.

Ovon monochrome study space

The study is another space which has also received an upgrade in appearance. Instead of boring old vinyl finishes, the study has received no less attention than the rest of the home. With parquet floors and marbled topped tables, the room looks fit for a king. The mix of open and closed shelves takes away the uniformity of the room and lets the room still look light and casual.

Ovon monochrome glass cabinet

What better way to show off your collection of bags than to keep them in a glass cabinet for everyone to see. Your bags not only get the attention they deserve, but you won’t need to buy any more decorations for the room either. Maximizing the area of the master bedroom, the vanity area features not only a pillar of your favorite bags, but a full length mirror with drawers and shelves for all of your cosmetic needs. This is the perfect set up for those who need to be well made up before leaving the home because with the perfect lighting, you’ll always be able to find the right angles.