October 3rd 2017

With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, many Singaporeans are jostling to get their hands on the best mooncakes. This irresistible delicacy has evolved over the years as fanatics and bakers strive to greater heights, conjuring up a variety of tasty mooncakes, and expanding the range to include different textures and fillings.


Some people still swear by the original variety where the mooncake has a buttery, light and smooth crust and is filled with the rich and typical Cantonese-style fillings – lotus seed, black bean or yellow bean paste. Some prefer theirs with one or two steamed salted egg yolks in the center that balances out the sweet filling with its oh-so-delicious savoury taste. Bakeries like Tai Chong Kok and Bakerzin are great for those who prefer the classic mooncake. We recommend enjoying this delicacy with a cup of Pu-Er or Tie Guan Yin Tea as these lighter teas will complement the traditional mooncakes by balancing out the heaviness of the Cantonese-style fillings.

Tai Chong Kok traditional mooncake

Tai Chong Kok


For some, it’s all about the elegant packaging. That’s not to say that the mooncakes don’t matter, of course. But many will spend the extra money and effort to get the delectable delicacies in the most extravagant box. If you have an obsession for packaging, these charming boxes from Shangri-La would be perfect for you.

Shangri-La mooncake boxes



If you are a fan of a flaky crust, the Teowchew style moon cake is perfect for you.The soft, buttery and flaky crust just melts in your mouth as you bite into the rounded pastry.

Peony Jade flaky teochew mooncakes

Peony Jade


The Snowskin Durian mooncake is a cult favourite with its rich, creamy and decadent filling irresistibly encased in a silky smooth and delicate snowskin layer. This to-die-for delicacy encapsulates the mouthwatering luxuriousness of the King of Fruits and is certainly a must-try for Durian lovers and connoisseurs alike. Like the traditional mooncakes, the exquisite Durian moon cake is best paired with lighter teas.

Peony Jade mao shan wang mooncake

Peony Jade


Say goodbye to the plain chocolate, green tea and strawberry flavoured snowskin mooncakes as a new assortment of mooncakes, particularly those containing alcohol, are all the rage this year. Goodwood Park has outdone themselves with an Apple Cider and Rootbeer (which is elevated with luxurious taste of vanilla beans and a dash of rum) set. Similarly, Bakerzin offers a prestigious collection of Apple Vodka, Butterscotch Baileys, Latte Kahlua and Coconut Liqueur snowskin moon cakes.

Bakerzin snowskin mooncakes


Goodwood Park snowskin mooncakes

Goodwood Park 


While the adults indulge in the trendy alcoholic moon cakes this year, the kids will be thrilled (to say the least) as they get to enjoy these Marvel-ous Iron-Man and SpiderMan mooncakes from MeiXin.

Frosts marvel mooncakes


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