Must Have Cashback

Cashback is the new word that’s been going around and getting everyone excited, and its no surprise either. With deals and promises of money back as you spend, its like getting discount coupons as you shop 100% of the time. So that dress you’ve been eyeing, well that’s an additional 10% off. Eating out, how does another 5% off the bill sound to you?

With such enticing deals and a myriad of ways to get them, it can be confusing and hard to keep up with all the possible ways for you to get your cashback at once. So to help you out, we’ve listed some of the top few ways you can save while you shop, dine and travel!


Image of Favepay

You may remember this by its older name, Groupon. Renamed and rebranded, Fave is the modern and up-to-date version of its predecessor. In addition to searching for deals and coupons, Fave now also lets you get cash back as you spend.

While you can’t get cash right back to your bank account, Fave offers the next best thing, cashback on your next purchase! From food outlets like Subway, Poke Theory, Mr Bean and even Food Junction, Favepay also extends to your retail needs like Best Denki too!

Think that’s all, for all you Grab users, you can also link your Grab account to Fave so you pay with Grabpay instead. This means cashback from Fave, and GrabReward points for every purchase!

Best use: Food places you visit often, or split your purchases at Best Denki to quickly claim your cashback on large purchases


Image of Fuzzie logo

A home grown cashback app, Fuzzie is a platform where users purchase pre-paid gift cards and then sit back as the app calibrates the best cashback option for you.

With a mix of online and physical stores like Zalora and Dunkin Donuts, you have the freedom to spend your gift card and earn the cashback as you spend.

Best use: Check the app for stores you want to buy from and maximize your savings


Image of Shopback logo

You’ve probably already heard of this app by now, or maybe you’re even using it already, but shopback is the cashback app that’s taken this country by storm.

As one of the first real ‘cashback’ platforms, shopback boats itself to be the most convenient, and widest-ranging cashback platform available, and it’s probably not far from the truth.

Image of Shopback website

Just looking at the front page of the website you can probably recognise a few online shopping websites you frequent, like Lazada, Zalora, Aliexpress, Shopee, Qoo10 and so many more. Shopback is great for the everyday user, with cashback on your daily needs like Grab, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Taobao, you’ll be earning cashback every day.

Plus, if you’re planning a trip, you can really get some savings with the Shopback app, with deals and cashback options on major travel sites like Expedia, Agoda and Singapore Airlines, make those huge cashback earnings on your bookings of hotels and flights. Plus, with Klook on the menu, you can even get some cashback as you spend on activities while overseas.

Best Uses: Online shopping and Travel

Shopback Go

Image of Shopback Go layout

We may be cheating a little here by putting Shopback Go as another cash back app, but since its merger with the main Shopback app, you can toggle between Shopback and Shopback Go with the flick of a finger.

Meant to cover even more daily spending, Shopback Go is the app for the everyday user.

Image of Shopback Go app

Striking itself as an entirely different aspect to cashback opportunities, Shopback Go was created for you to get cashback any and every way that you can. With thousands of merchants and dining options in its repertoire, Shopback Go gives you the freedom to walk into a store and get cash back as you spend. Plus, be on the lookout for bonus deals. These can happen at any time so be on the watch for when you can earn even more cash back for your purchases.

Plus, all of this cashback goes into the same Shopback account, so you won’t have to juggle between the two accounts to meet the minimum withdrawal, making for even easier and faster payouts.

Best Use: Frequent dining locations, and look out for bonus deals