Natural And Bright – Designed by Homies Design

Perfectly blending grainy wood tones with textured stone and marble finishing, Homies Design has put together an incredible masterpiece in the form of a transformed flat. Perfectly designed for any couples thinking of renovating their new BTO flat, the contemporary design matches the layout of the home, turning a small 4-room flat, into a luxurious apartment, gleaming from floor to ceiling.

Living Room

Homies Design dining and living area

As you enter the house, you are flanked by an immaculate set of floor-to-ceiling cupboards. The pristine glossy white finishing paired with the light bamboo grain trimmings make the simple cupboard noticeable, but not overly outstanding. The result looks so polished that you wouldn’t even think of it as shoe cabinet, complementing the flawless design. The cupboards also have a pair of shelves, equipped with its own lighting, so you can show off any display set or family portraits to guests as they enter the home. Moving to the living room, it’s clear that the same bamboo wood design has been used in all the finishing, from the shelves to the TV console to the ceiling fan, and even the coffee tables! This continuity creates a flow to the room as there is no visual break in the scheme of the home. This meticulous planning has produced a feast for the eyes. The bright white polished flooring lights up the room further. Reflecting the indirect light from the ceiling, and sunlight from the windows, the entire room is instantly lit up, and you can even see your reflection on the floor!

Homies Design 2 abstract design chairs

Painting the walls cream was done intentionally to match the white floor. This allows the walls to seamlessly transition into the floor almost unnoticeably. The slightly off-white cream also pairs better with the lighter wooden textures chosen for the furniture, making it a pleasant and relaxing sight. To add a splash of colour to the room they have also included 2 chairs which look straight out of an abstract art piece. Normally to achieve this effect, one may consider using a painting or another form of artwork, but by using chairs, there is extra functionality for the furniture, making it useful.

Dining and Kitchen

The dining area is when you first start to notice the use of stone-like textures. This starts very subtly with the marble top dining table. With some small grey streaks running across the glistening white marble, the stone table top does not seem at all out of place in this design. The designers have also very cleverly used an extendable dining table, giving you extra room if you have company over for a meal. The mirrors behind the dining table also help to ‘extend’ the room. The mirrors not only reflect the light in the room, making it even brighter and helps the glossy finishes to shine even more, but it gives the room depth, making it look bigger than it is which is useful in smaller flats.

Homies Design sliding glass doors for kitchen

If you look at the kitchen, you can see that instead of an opaque door, they have opted to use a set of sliding glass doors instead. This lets you create a physical partition between the two rooms, which Is useful when you are cooking, but the use of glass makes it so that you do not feel separated from the rest of the home. This gives your dining area even more depth as it would seem to extend into the kitchen, and vice-versa. It also lets whoever is in the kitchen cooking not feel separate from the rest of the party as you can still hear and see everyone in the dining area.

Homies Design grey stone texture finish kitchen cupboards

Much thought has also gone into the design and layout of the kitchen. Only if you look carefully would you notice the hood above the hobs. Integrating the design of the shelves to disguise the hood gives you more cupboard space for spices and also takes away the eyesore of a hood juxtaposed against the uniform shelves. The use of a stone-texture here also elevates the design of the kitchen. Opting for a grey stone textured finish, the home still has its warm and earthy vibe to it, but it does not overdo it by reusing the same wooden textures in the living room. The differences in textures also help to create a division between the two rooms, subtly putting them apart. This change in texture also adds vibrancy to the home, so the design does not look overused and boring, but still fits in well with the rest of the house.

Master Bedroom

Homies Design minimalist master bedroom

The master bedroom follows a minimalist layout, with the same natural design. Using light wood finishes on the bed frame, paired with touches of white, make the room feel relaxing from the moment you enter. The wall behind the bed has been painted dark instead so the room is less glaring, making it more comfortable and conducive for sleeping. What is most unique about this room is that it has a huge walk-in wardrobe. Separated from the main bedroom by sliding glass doors, the walk-in wardrobe was converted from another bedroom as the couple did not need so many bedrooms. The wardrobe has more than enough space for even the most fashionable of couples and has a big vanity area, perfect for putting on makeup before going out for the night. This concept is perfect for those who own too many clothes and have an extra room to spare.

Homies Design wardrobe and vanity area


Homies Design elegant and refined bathroom

The bathrooms are tastefully designed. Opting to keep the design looking natural, the blend of wood grain finishes with stone textured tiles make the bathrooms look elegant and refined. It complements the design of the other parts of the house, but still maintains the overall natural look the house achieves.

Homies Design wood grained textured bathroom tiles