Natural Existence In A Modern Home

Built like an oasis in a cosmopolitan jungle, this home ushers in the fine elements of a natural existence in the comfort of a modern home. The kitchen has been upsized and designed to be wide and spacious with plentiful built-in space for cabinets and drawers, you won’t have a problem finding storage space here. The ornate granite countertops are not only visually pleasing, but these glossy tops are durable and resistant. The smooth and clean finish gives the room a professional look as the various natural elements blend in to create a light-hearted atmosphere.

The room has been designed in such a way that it employs various natural-looking elements to create a soft and inviting look. The cupboards have a sleek and slightly darker wooden finish to them, giving them a stronger character, while the sparkling polished granite adds a level of lustre to the overall look. The kitchen also makes use of the nature that exists around it, with wide and unobstructed windows right next to the stoves, it can feel as though the outside is coming in as you become one with the surroundings.

Urban Design kitchen with glass door and backsplash

The white cupboards make up this perfect set of kitchen furnishings. With a light turquoise glass keeping the back of the wall clean from stains and grime, the transitions of colour from the ground up flows smoothly. With the drying rack set just above the sink, you won’t have to worry about those unsightly water stains or drainage problems with drying out your utensils, and it can even keep your most used plates and bowls in an easy to reach location.

Urban Design marble like feature wall

Taking inspiration from typical Scandinavian designs, Urban Design makes it their own with unique touches to the classic style. The energetic marble-like feature wall is an exciting way of modernizing the design and look of the living space, injecting enthusiasm and vigour to the room in a tasteful manner. The lines of the marble are rightfully directed centrally towards the television, creating a natural visual draw for people as they enter as the default focus becomes the television.

Urban Design living room

Putting a series of track lighting between the sitting area and the television console, the elevated ceiling as an artificial skylight, brightening up the room incredibly as the light radiates off everything around it. The higher ceiling in this part of the room also gives the impression of a much larger space, taking away the feelings of claustrophobia as the room appears even larger. The kitchen also adopts an open concept, with frameless glass windows and a full glass door. The separation between the spaces are now not as pronounced, despite the physical barriers. This lets both the kitchen, and the living space feel even bigger as the two rooms still seem to be joined together.

Urban Design bathroom

The bathroom is another area of the home which has been tastefully designed with various elements from nature. With floor to ceiling covered in white marble, the bathroom instantly looks luxurious and well decorated as the white marble glistens under the natural and artificial lighting. With bamboo-like wood finishes on the sink doors, there is a certain sense of coolness instilled in the room as the thinner lines create a calm disposition while the jet-black top integrates the surrounding marble to the wood. The shower area has been creatively reimagined to incorporate these natural elements as well. With vinyl planks resembling wood plastered all over the shower, the physical touch is much softer and more pleasant to the touch than keeping to the marble design. It also gives a good mix of textures and colours in the bathroom.

Urban Design peranakan influence cupboards

The playful look of this cupboard design is perfect for children. With some peranakan influence, the doors of the cupboards and drawers have been modelled subtly to reflect the family’s heritage, while the spirited effect of the pink outline keeps the look fun and enjoyable. The drawers below the window serve a dual purpose. Aside from storage, the furnishing serves a secondary purpose as a low bench, perfect for lounging by the window side with a book in hand.