New-Aged Industrial Look

Dressed in a new-age industrial look, this newly renovated flat rocks the combination of a rugged hardiness with the warm sense of home. I3 Living’s latest renovation project has taken a classic industrial look and blended in in subtly with a cosmopolitan theme. The result shows favourably in the outcome of the home and the interior, balancing the elements of industrial while maintaining a modern look to the home.

Living Room

 I3 Living industrial living room

When you first walk into the home, you are greeted by a full wall of windows, letting the natural light shine into the home gives it a warm orange glow which rests comfortably against the muted hues of grey and brown. The colour scheme chosen here is simple, the grey and browns blend together to form a very neutral palette, making the atmosphere feel mellow and laid back. The black track lighting extending across the living room joins the dining and living area together, making the whole room gel together cohesively.

The dining area is also a simple take on an industrial-contemporary design. Using a dyed black wood-plank table top with matte black legs, the design is quintessentially industrial, yet does not dictate the mood of the rest of the room. Matching the table is the intricate light directly above it, the lampshade has been cleverly chosen as a playful element to take away any seriousness from industrial elements, balancing the mood, yet functioning as a stylish addition to the design. Moving on to the living area, there is a very creatively done design where the back of the sofa meets with the desk. Your work station is now right where your living room is, saving you a rooms worth of space. The very spacious desk gives you more than enough room for one, and comfortably fits two.

Plus, being behind the sofa means you can still spend time with your family members as they watch television while you finish up the last bits of work before joining them.

What is most unique about this part of the home is the stretch of lounging area next to the windows. Perfectly situated for leisure reading, you can grab a cushion and just lay back and dive into your favourite book. Since it has been designed to be continuous with the sofa, it doubles up as extra seating area too if you’re hosting guests.


 I3 Living kitchen with simple accent stickers

The entrance to the kitchen has been elegantly designed, with simple accent stickers, you can easily transform a boring white wall into a vogue creative expression. The island at the entrance of the kitchen makes for a simple dining area if you’re having meals on the go, or don’t have the time to set your dining table up nicely. It acts as a preparation area too, giving you more space to prepare your cooking without clogging up the kitchen.  

The design here shifts from a industrial contemporary type of style, to a more contemporary style, with fewer strong elements and a larger focus on chic and stylish looks.

The actual kitchen area looks very neat and clean, with the black crystal finish on the back of the stoves, the cooking area remains fuss free and can be cleaned more easily. The tinted glass doors help separate the kitchen from the rest of the house, keeping away any strong odours from your cooking.

 I3 Living black crystal finish kitchen backsplash


 I3 Living stone-like accents bathroom wall

The bathroom is simple, yet elegant the stone-like accents on the walls paired with the smoky finish on the glass panel pair well with the diffused orange lighting. A glossed top finish to the sink completes the classy look, making the bathroom pleasant and inviting.


 I3 Living open wardrobe in bedroom

When limited by space and the size of your room, a simple open wardrobe design makes for a walk-in wardrobe experience. Giving you quick access to all your needs, from towels to purses to your favourite outfit, you’ll be able to get everything from just a simple glance. The bedroom has a very straightforward design to it, keeping things convenient and easy. Like the living room, it also features a small lounging area on the side, giving you more room to laze around or just to enjoy different positions whether you’re reading or watching a show.