Your Next Beach Holiday

Let’s soak up the sun

Grab your sunscreen, swimsuit and your favourite pair of sunglasses and get ready to be baked under the sun! Are you a huge fan of a beach holiday? Looking for a new place to get sunkissed? Well, check our these new places that bound to give you a brand new beach experience!

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii has a huge variety of white, green and black beaches due to their volcanic activities. At this beach, you get to chance upon huge Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles! This beach may not be suitable for swimming but it is equipped with a picnic area. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of the unique black sand amidst your dinner.

Pink Sands, Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Bahamas

It was named one of the sexiest beaches by an American Magazine. The beach is about 3 miles long. The most attractive factor is their pink sand. Along the beach, there are 26 luxurious villas of different styles such as Moroccan and Indonesian.

Maho Beach, The Caribbean

Maho Beach is famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport that is adjacent to the beach. This place is very popular for plane spotter due to its proximity of low-flying airliners.

The Shining Beach, Vaadhoo, Maldives

It is also known as the ‘Sea of Stars’. Whenever the night comes, the sea renders a dazzling display of lights randomly twinkling at every part of the beach. It is a beautiful place to sit down, lie back and simply let your thoughts run wild!

The Hidden Beach, Playa Del Amor, Mexico

It looks like something out of a novel: a large, sandy cavern with blue waters from the pacific. The hidden beach is invisible from the outside and only accessible through a long water tunnel that links the beach to the pacific ocean. Visitors have to either swim or kayak to the beach.