Obbio Concept – Two distinct homes with a modern and luxe look

By Admin , Oct 26, 2021
Obbio Concept – Two distinct homes with a modern and luxe look

Obbio concept is a Singapore-based interior design firm, known for their sophisticated and classy interior designs. Obbio Concept can take a mundane-looking house and transform it into a tasteful gallery that makes you feel expensive just by stepping foot into it. If you prefer luxurious and modern housing designs, Obbio Concept will definitely deliver on their promise! Here, we’ll see two rather distinct interior designs but both still manage to look refined.

Martin Modern

Martin Modern is located at Martin place and true to its name, its design features modern element to make the home look very stylish. This interior design concept features darker tones to make the home feel more cosy because of the dim ambience.

Living room

The living room is minimalist in the décor to free up as much floor and wall space as possible, so you don’t feel too crammed stepping into this room. Making use of backlit lighting, this creates an intimate setting and creates a focal point in the room.

Dining room

The dining room is located right next to the ceiling-to-floor window. While the furniture follows a darker theme, the large windows and mirrors help to reflect light and make the room look spacious. This is a perfect setting for casual conversations.

Master bedroom

Obbio Concept really understand the role of a bedroom as a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The large, comfy bed and dark oak cabinets against slightly marbled floor and walls gives off a semi-industrial look. The atmosphere is sure to lull you to sleep within minutes of being tucked into bed.

The Maylea

The Maylea is located in Pasir Panjang and its concept is quite different from Martin Modern. Nonetheless, the interior still looks very classy as Obbio Concept sticks to their core emphasis on elegance.

Living room

The living room features white marbled floors and walls to make the entire room look brighter. Lighter colour palettes make the room look bigger and cleaner as there is a greater emphasis on the cleanliness and sharpness of the lines in the room. Like Martin Modern, the living room is also simplistic in its design so as to not overly-clutter the room.

Dining room

The dining room is a cosy little section next to the living room that overlooks an amazing skyline. This set-up almost feels like al fresco dining without the discomfort of having unexpected wind blowing your meal away.


The kitchen contrasts a black marble countertop against white cabinets to make the kitchen brighter. The black marble is functional in ensuring that stains are not an eye sore for you. The large window also allows light to filter in and makes cooking seem like a dream-like experience.

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