Ovon Design – Marine Crescent

June 21st 2022

Ovon Design – Marine Crescent

Ovon Design is a highly revered interior design firm in Singapore. They have many positive reviews from previous clients who have had a smooth-sailing experience with Ovon’s designers in creating their dream homes. Ovon Design’s designers are very skilled and can execute your ideas accurately. Their portfolio boats a diverse range of designs and here, we will be looking at one such project. This home at Marine Crescent features a more intimate and darker theme that is suitable for those who enjoy leisure and comfort.

Living room

When you first step into this home, you are greeted by a dark grey canvas that looks clean and minimal. This is not to say that the home looks boring because the designers have smartly included pops of colour in the furniture and décor that help to seamlessly blend the industrial concept with a welcoming atmosphere.  

An interesting note is the window-side seat for when you feel like basking or working in the warmth of sunlight. 


The minimalist theme extends from the living room into the kitchen and permeates the entire household. The mosaic hexagonal floor tiles adds some flair to the design while still maintaining a cohesive theme. A cosy dining area is integrated into the kitchen space to create a comfortable and elegant setting for you to have a meal with your guests.

The designers play around with lights and geometry with this interior design concept so the home seems to be constantly shrouded in a warm, comforting glow.


The bedroom is the epitome of comfort in any household. A spacious bed is nestled in the bedroom with the television mounted conveniently at eye level, so you can lean back and relax while watching your favourite shows. A nice little lounging area is situated right next to the bed. This space is perfect for days where you just want to read a book or do some light work without the hassle of setting up your entire work space. 

The designers also put a lot of thought into the vanity and closet area. A decent portion of the bedroom is dedicated for this. The large wall mirrors ensure that you have a good look at your outfit, make-up and hair.


The bathroom is minimally decorated which goes with the entire theme or concept of the house and resources / décor were allocated to other rooms which people generally spend more time in. Nonetheless, even the small decorations such as flowers help to make the bathroom look sophisticated and prevents a cluttered design.


The bathroom features dark tiles that help to deepen the space and creates dimension. This requires proper planning and skills from the designers as improper usage can make a room look small and claustrophobic. However, we can see that the dark tones are creatively used to give the bathroom a more spacious look.

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