Pantry Equipments To Purchase From Shopee

Other than a pretty kitchen, we need a useful kitchen. If you are looking for ways to make your pantry more functional so it can keep more foodstuff, you have come to the right place. If there is one thing we are doing more often at home, it is cooking. With all the virus scares that keep happening, it is always better to keep safe by staying at home. Since it can be a little costly to be ordered in for all meals, most of us have resorted to venturing into our glossy, untouched kitchen to do some cooking. Now that you’ve started, we want to introduce a few pantry equipments from Shopee to help you keep your food stash in an orderly manner.

Wall-mounted dish organiser

If you have a small kitchen space, you will adore this organiser.

Have you ever looked through your recipe online, and there seem to be a million things you have to chop, separate and marinade before you can actually cook them?

When you complete the prep, you realise you have so many plates scattered around on the dining table, on the kitchen top and sometimes, you might even make the mistake of putting in the wrong ingredient at the wrong time.


This wall-mounted dish organiser will help you store your food temporarily before cooking. Available in either three or four layers, it is made from eco-friendly polypropylene plastic. Just rinse off after use. It comes in white, beige and blue, so choose one that gels with the colour theme of your kitchen.

Organiser Box

We put this one in just in case you are attempting to keep a pantry without it. If you don’t have clear storage boxes to keep your pantry items, remember to cart some of these into your Shopee cart after reading this article.

When organising, be sure to pack seasonal items like Chinese New Year cookie tools and put them somewhere higher. Spices and items you often reach out for at eye level. Kid-friendly items like biscuits, vitamin gummies and milk boxes can be placed at a lower level.

Organiser boxes can be used to organise the items in your refrigerator too. Try it, and you will miraculously find extra space in what used to be a cluttered fridge.

Lazy Susan condiments tray

Wait, isn’t the lazy Susan for the dining table? Often seen in Chinese restaurants or hotel ballrooms during weddings?

Yes, but this is a tiny version for your kitchen.

A rotatable tray increases shelf space, and you won’t need to dig into your pantry to get the soy sauce or balsamic vinegar when you need them. All you have to do is spin it to get it. It is efficient and ergonomic.

This particular turntable is 29 centimetres in diameter and only comes in white. What we love about it is that it has a non-skit layer. It ensures the glass bottles won’t knock on each other violently when you spin it. The rim keeps all the bottles in place. It is perfect for countertops and cabinets.

Can Dispenser

It looks like a simple wired rack, but it does wonders when you want to keep your soda or beer cans and have them easily accessible as well. It can be placed in the refrigerator or the pantry, depending on if you like your drink cold or room temperature.

Instead of leaving them wrapped in the plastic wrapper in the pantry or tossing it one by one into the fridge, having it placed on this organiser aids an easy grab and go without needing to reorganise other items.

This particular organiser fits ten cans at any one time, and the cans will slide down when one is taken. Just top it up from the top.

Food packet caddy storage

As Singaporeans, we rarely make sauces and chilli mixes from scratch, right?

That is why this clear caddy storage station is so essential. It can store all the packet sauces, spices and soup bases in an upright position, so it does not go missing behind other pantry items.

Place the smaller packets like sugars and sweeteners upfront and the bigger packages (like nuts) behind. That way, you can have an overall view every time you intend to search for the item you need. Similar to how you store files in the office.

This item is made from BPA-free shatter-resistant plastic. It is also easy to clean.

Pest-resistant rice barrel

If you have a rice cooker, compliment it with a rice barrel. Made from polypropylene plastic, it is non-toxic, odourless, solid and durable. The best part is, it can fit up to 10 kilogrammes of rice!

Made to be anti-insect, you can repel these bugs by placing repelling spices at the top column of the cover. It is also designed to be moisture-proof.

When you need the rice, push the button to open and voila, bugless rice that won’t bug you!

Grain and rice dispenser

If you have a family to feed, this multi-function grid bucket might be convenient. Push to dispense what you want to. You can top these grids with different types of cereal for your children or different grains like rolled oats, lentils or nuts. Because we are all about space-saving methods, this shelf also comes with space for you to add more of your pantry items on top.

The total storage is approximately 10 kilograms of whatever you want to fill it with.

So, what is the verdict? We’ve gathered storage solutions for your pantry – all from Shopee. Did you see any pieces you would like for your kitchen?

To view more interior design ideas and recommended buys, we’ve got loads for you to read at Renodots. If you are looking to switch up your storage game that might need a little hacking and fixing, we’ve got a list of recommended ID companies that will be more than happy to discuss the layout and design with you. Chat with them here!