Pastel Pleasures in a Modern Farmhouse

Designer: The Uncommon Studio

One of the biggest comebacks in the interior design world now is Old is Gold, and this home encompasses that very phrase. Decked out in a mix of vintage and modern styles, the style has incorporated the best parts of modern luxury apartment living, with the sensible touches and atmosphere of a warm family home. The synchrony from these two seemingly different genres intertwines perfectly in such a gorgeous home.

The living room has been modelled after a chic modernist style shared space. With the minimalist backbone, the different aspects of design and decoration come in to create a sophisticated look. Taking inspiration from the rustic farmhouse style of design, the walls have been panelled to give the room greater depth and texture. The look also takes the lead from Victorian era decorative styles, with the bodies of the lights dripping in shimmering gold under the natural sunlight.

The room takes advantage of the design of the windows, making full use of the exposure and natural lighting, and turns it to their favour. With venetian blinds, natural light can flow in at all times depending on the intensity desired. The Victorian style adopted here adds to the luxurious feel of the home, with a modern version of a chandelier and rich gold and brass accents against a neutral pastel, the look is neither too gawdy nor is it too understated. The perfect balance to these very heavy hitting designs is wrapped up with the gorgeous artwork hanging just above the sofa. The overall effect gives the room a warm and rustic touch.

The Uncommon Studio sofa and cushions

The neutral pastel of the sofa and the cushions play in perfectly with the brass accents of the various decorations. Natural elements including thick and succulent plants can help ground the home, making it look less intimidating and more welcoming. A closer look at the painting reveals the blurring of the shapes and lines. The lack of sharp features and the soft touches of the brushwork makes for a comfortable and soothing image, perfect for any living room. The conformist style of this art represents the overall intention of the room, a harmonious mix of various styles and influences which creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The Uncommon Studio open kitchen

The open kitchen design not only helps to save space, but it also makes for a more intimate and connected home. Here once again you have a mix of warm and homey elements along with various touches of luxury and class. The kitchen island serves as not only an extension of the kitchen, but also a shared dining space. This gives the option of having a larger kitchen area when you are cooking and also transforms into a comfortable dining area after. This style of dining space has become increasingly popular, with smaller homes and limited options, turning the extension of your kitchen into a dining area creates an informal yet intimate dining area.

The Uncommon Studio cupboard with brass copper accents

The neutral palette of the cupboard’s pairs with the brass and copper accents in this farmhouse styled kitchen. Following the same colour palette as the living space, the grey cupboard doors creates a neutral look, especially when paired with the grey-veined white quartz counter tops. The overall look is not too flashy but still carries with it light touches of luxury. The white tiled backsplash gives the kitchen a rustic vibe to it, adding to that overall warm farmhouse inspired look.

The Uncommon Studio Victorian styled bathroom

The bathroom is an excellent example of a perfect blend of luxury and warm modern living. The double door option is something not commonly seen in modern homes, but its use here not only cleverly conceals the toilet with the panelled doors looking exactly the same as the walls next to it. But it also gives the room a more grandiose feel to it with this unique and uncommon touch. This Victorian styled bathroom has also been updated with modern luxuries, once again with the brass finishes. The veined quartz tiling on the walls gives a darker but also more sophisticated look to this toilet, something you may not always think about.

The Uncommon Studio wall to wall cupboards

Wall to wall cupboards are also a great addition to any home, but the added touch of track lighting and the classically styled painting next to the wardrobes ups the lustre of such a simplistic design. Overall the look may be simple, but it is definitely unique and has a great timeless appearance, something that will age well with the home.