Why We Should Pay More Attention To Lighting

Credits: Plush Interior Design Lighting is an often overlooked feature of the house. This is a shame because it plays such an important role in making it into a home. It subtly inculcates character to the room by the adjusting the ambience in an almost instantaneous way. The bright living room for entertaining guests, for example, is starkly in contrast with a home library with dimmer task lights for reading. Well thought out lighting decisions, therefore, help turn the home into the homeowner’s own personal space reflecting their moods, disposition, and feelings.

It’s an inexpensive mood booster

Bright lighting does not only provide visibility; it also raises the cheerfulness of everybody in the room. However, just because it has this effect means that buying the brightest light available is going to raise your spirits all of a sudden.

Casa ID accent lighting in living room

Credits: Casa ID It’s important to take into consideration that people don’t like to sit around in the bright direct light. This is where accent lighting comes into play. Highlighting different focal points of the home such as paintings and other conversation pieces using some accent lights help bring the overall brightness and colour of the room up.

Design Creative cove lighting

Credits: Design Creative

It helps you focus on what you love

Dimming the light brings the mood down a notch. A romantic dinner, for example, is almost always thought of as candlelight dinner. This is because subduing the colors of the environment through dim lighting makes your date or partner stand out even more.

FineLine Design dimmable track lighting for dining

Credits: FineLine Design Dimming the light makes you focus more on connecting with who you’re with rather than other parts of the house. Task lighting has a similar effect. Some lighting helps you to focus more on things that you want to give your full attention to.

Homies Design lighting behind tv feature wall

Credits: Homies Design

It helps you transition from wakefulness to sleeping

In connection with bright lighting raising cheerfulness, it also raises wakefulness. Therefore, having bright blue lights at night before going to bed is not advisable. This is one of the reasons why most modern smartphones come with a night mode preinstalled that prevents bright blue light.

ID Gallery extra dim lighting for bedroom

Credits: ID Gallery Extra dim lighting is the best option when you want to just put your feet up and relax. Often, images of the fireplace and a comfy sofa comes into mind when we think about rest and relaxation. But you don’t need a fireplace to achieve this mood. Just dim down the lighting and you’ll be instantly transported to state of relaxation.

My Reno Diary dining area

Credits: My Reno Diary This helps you transition from the brightness of the day to the pitch black of closed eyes. This means that for bed rooms where people usually wind down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there should always be a dim light option.