People Preference Choice June 2021

people preference choice june 2021
creative awards june 2021

Renodots presents to you yet another spectacular set of 6 home design curations in June. This time around, an attractive prize of S$380 in cash is up for grabs – simply participate in this People Preference Choice June’s voting and stand a chance to walk away with S$380! Read on to find out more about these beautifully renovated homes before casting your votes!

Prestige Design Studio

Prestige/ feature wall

This residence is elegantly clad in vibrance and sophistication. The optimisation of a subtle yet attention-grabbing tone of blue gives the home a pop of youth, undeniably serving as a mood-booster. Prestige Design Studio embraces the beauty of materiality – successfully curating a unique aesthetic via a masterful blend of marble-vein and wooden-slat textures.

The Creative Studioz

TCS/ living and dining

This residence is the by-product of modernity and minimalism fused impeccably. The simple layout of the home enables its nooks and crannies, for instance, the quirky lighting fixture at the dining table, to take centre stage. The Creative Studioz highlights the character of the residence through subtility and functionality – both of which being significant factors to achieving a comfortable yet modern home!

Space Change

Space Change/ dining

Fans of minimalism and Industrialism would certainly adore this curation. Without a shadow of doubt, Space Change has succinctly portrayed the sophisticated charm of the raw and rugged ambience of a minimalist’s home, from the cement screed flooring to the exposed beams of the residence – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

EXQsite Interior Design

EXQsite/ kitchen

If this was your kitchen, you’d be in for a treat – no pun intended. EXQsite Interior Design has achieved the perfect balance of a rustic and modern ambience, through the fusion of charred oak and matte-black finishes. Apart from its aesthetic value, the use of dark tones in the kitchen is an intelligent proposition to counter the effects of stains, splashes and residue derived from cooking!

Diva’s Interior Design

Diva's living room

The concepts of vibrance and youth are certainly at the core of this residence. Diva’s Interior Design has made it a point to inject fun and brightness in this curation, through the use of unorthodox lighting elements and pops of colours, such as the rug resembling grass, for instance.

T&T Design Artisan

T&T/ kitchen

The highlight of this residence is in its porosity and unobstructed flow of movement. This is hugely thanks to the open-concept kitchen curated by T&T Design Artisan. Big families and small residences don’t really go hand-in-hand, but it’s designs like these that help eliminate such inconveniences, helping families live more and worry less!

Voting Guidelines

Renodots creative awards 2021

What is the grand prize?

  • S$380 in cash

How can you take part?

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  • Contest ends on 25th June 2021
  • All submissions after 25th June 2021 will be deemed invalid and voided