People Preference Choice Nominees - Exqsite Interior Design

By James Frankurt , Jul 01, 2021
People Preference Choice Nominees - Exqsite Interior Design

exqsite/ ;iving room

Introducing Renodots People Preference Choice Award Nominee Exqsite Interior Design!

If industrial chic is your style of choice, then you are going to LOVE this newest design by the fabulous Exqsite Interior Design. With its classy mix of minimalism and industrial overtones, the space reimagines the classical brick and iron style of industrialism with soft touches that help to modernize the look.

The mature look that this home has makes this the ideal setting for both young and older couples who enjoy entertaining. Starting from the colour palette, its evident from first glance that the shades and tones chosen are of a much more muted and neutral range. With shades of grey and different hues of brown peppered across the floor, the palette does not feel too restrained, but still has a strong grounded feeling to it.

exqsite/ living room

Lots of natural wooden finishes have been used to soften the classically rough appearance of the industrial design. Benefiting from ¾ window sizes, there’s lots of natural light available in the living and dining area which makes the mix of day and black-out curtains ideal for this setting.

Keeping up with the industrial design, the track lighting adds another layer of style to the minimalistic design and furnishings in this living zone.

Your Own Speakeasy

exqsite/ kitchen bar

Perfect for entertaining and for some ‘me’ time, this in-home bar is definitely the most eye-catching item in this home-owners’ agenda. The shelving cleverly doubles as both a storage space and a display rack for all the drinks available at this in-home bar, making it easy to keep an ‘inventory’ of what’s available.

The speak-easy style of decorating here goes hand-in-hand with the minimalist industrial design. The richer tones of the bar table and stool give this space a much-appreciated touch of masculinity in addition to the array of sharp and angular edges add to the industrial design.

With the blind-shelving style, the corners and back wall looks clean and crisp, putting the spotlight on the liquor instead, and quite literally so with the array of dedicated track lighting focusing on the bar.

Sleek Kitchen

exqsite/ kitchen

The stylish matte black finish on the cupboards gives a sophisticated and polished look when paired with the wood grain countertop and matching backsplash finish.

Looks aside, the kitchen is also highly functional and overall has a great ergonomic design. Keeping the best of both worlds, the open concept kitchen quickly and easily closes up for when you want to do more heavy cooking. With an entire stretch of counter space going across the length of the back of the kitchen, there is plenty of space for preparation. Appliances wise, the kitchen is well equipped with a full-sized oven, microwave and triple burner stove, you’d easily be working your way around this kitchen. It also has a great add on of power socket tracks lining both counter tops. These tracks are a must have for any modern kitchen, giving you the flexibility of moving and placing all your appliances wherever you need them to be.

Home Study and Display

exqsite/ study room

If you were looking for ideas for a home study, this has to be one of your top contenders. With the built-in shelving and table space for two, this is a very comfortable sized study or office when working from home.

With power track sockets, the customizability of the room can not be overstated. Perfect for whatever needs you have, be it a laptop, desktop or extra monitors, this room has thought of it and prepared whatever you need to get the job done.

exqsite/ display area

The shelving in this room also doubles as a display cabinet for the living area. With the half-wall design, the glass allows this half to remain connected to the living and dining room and gives your guests a great view of the display cabinet. You could even double up this as a wardrobe for your bags, letting you keep them well organized and at the same time being able to show them off to all your guests.

People’s Preference Choice Award Exqsite Interior Design

Thanks to their extensive and impressive track record, Exqsite Interior Design is one of the nominees for the People’s Preference Choice Award June 2021. This award is meant to recognize and celebrate the top interior design projects in Singapore, and the winner is chosen by you!

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