Popular themes for your home 2017

Thinking of giving your home a brand new look? Here are a few themes to get you inspired for your next big renovation.

1. Scandinavian

This Nordic influenced design comprises of minimalist and functional pieces which often make use of wood furniture and a neutral color palette, brightening up the look of your room.

2. Eclectic Style

A new unique idea of integrating styles and elements from different times. It may sound crazy but the result is a harmonious design that will give your house a new, abstract look. The best part is that no two houses will look the same as it depends on what pieces from the different period you decide to pick.

3. Minimalist

A favourite among those who love an Instagram-worthy home, the minimalist look is a simple design with large open spaces and neutral colour tones. If you think that less is more, this theme is definitely for you.

4. Industrial

The idea of living in a raw, cool, dynamic environment in an industrial area has gain popularity. It combines a blend of an unfinished look with a clean style. Popular accents from this look include brick walls, cement floors and warm wood.

5. Retro

With retro fashion coming back, it is not a surprise that people are taking the theme back to their homes. The retro theme is a vintage theme that makes use of bright, vibrant colors with modern shapes.