Project @ Flora Drive – How to maximize storage in your BTO homes

Designer Firm: Two Dots Interior Project: Flora Drive New Condominiums often come with space constraints. Whether you’re looking at a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom, newer flats come with smaller rooms, and often do not come with much extra space for you to have a storage room, leaving you with no choice but to have your supplies left out in an unsightly manner. However, Two Dots Interior’s latest condominium renovation project maximizes the space available in your home for storage while blending it in seamlessly to the design and contours of the room. This eliminates the need for unsightly and unnecessary cupboards as you have additional storage options hidden all over the house, keeping your home looking neat and tidy. Living Room

 Two Dots Interior industrial theme living room

Two Dots Interior opted for a more industrial look with the design of this flat. Various elements in the living room help to accentuate this, with the contemporary looking ceiling fan in dark grey with matching hanging lights in a cage design over the dining table. Opting for orange lighting with both set of lights in this room, it gives the home a very warm atmosphere which makes the industrial look less menacing and cold, but more jovial and welcoming. Mixed in with the orange lighting are the grey hues of the sofa and dining area. The combination of orange lighting on grey furniture make for a calming setting, whether you are watching television, or enjoying a meal with your family. The entire atmosphere has been set by these simple elements.

 Two Dots Interior orange lighting on grey furniture

Looking at the TV console, the wood grain design of the cupboards match the matte grey open shelves to the industrial design of the house. The use of different layouts of the wood grain, with some vertical and some diagonal, once again cuts the seriousness of the industrial look, and adds an element of playfulness to it to create a relaxing background to the television. The layout goes beyond aesthetics too.  Instead of using a static television panel, Two Dots Interior has designed it to be of practical use as well. With the creative design of the panel, you would not even notice that the cupboards and shelves extend across the entire wall, and from the floor to the ceiling. Open shelves can be used to show off prized collections, from trophies to awards, to collectibles. While the cupboards are of different sizes, but extremely spacious, making it a good spot to keep household equipment such as plastic bags, extra detergent and anything else you may be stocking up on. Dining Area

Two Dots Interior grey colour scheme dining area

The dining area has also been elegantly designed. Once again, it exudes a sense of class, with the grey colour scheme of the chairs and tables complementing the orange hanging lights. It appears very crisp on first sight, yet maintains a light-hearted atmosphere with the geometric designs of the lights.

Two Dots Interior dining bench storage area

Opting for a bench was not just a decision made solely for appearance alone. Below the seats of the bench are storage areas, one under each seat. This discreet storage option is barely noticeable and blends in perfectly with the design of not only the dining area, but the entire home. Bedroom

Two Dots Interior wood-grained design bedroom

The bedroom follows the same wood-grained design as the living room. With parquet flooring matching the design of the shelves and the bed frame, the room is brought together seamlessly. Not to mention, converting one side of the cupboard into a full-length mirror was a stroke of genius, fully utilizing the space available.

Two Dots Interior pull-out shelves of bedframe

More storage options are made available once again. From the pull-out shelves of the bed frame, to the drawers built into the table in the room, there’s more than enough space for you always have your room neat and tidy. The chest of drawers under the table are wide and deep, giving you lots of space for organizing your make up, hair products or anything else you need by your bed.

Two Dots Interior master bedroom dressing table

The master bedroom is another beautifully designed area of the house. Sporting a mix between a minimalist and industrial design, it combines chic and functionality perfectly. The full-sized mirror with a table and drawer gives you an unbeatable set up for a dressing table, being able to look at yourself from head to toe in a simple glance. The grey colour scheme works gorgeously with the indirect orange spotlights above the bed to give enough lighting at night to comfortably put you in the mood to bed without a blinding glare.

Two Dots Interior platform bed with drawers

No space is wasted here once again. The platform bed has numerous options for storage space, with pull out drawers on the side and an additional huge space at the foot of the bed, there’s so much space! Add the cupboards built into the headboard of the bed and you have more than enough space for all your storage needs. The beauty of this home is how Two Dots Interior has managed to blend together a modern contemporary design, yet not giving up any functionality. Every piece of furniture in this house has been specially crafted to not only look good, but also serve a purpose, maximizing the amount of space available for use.