Punggol: The Precinct of Man and Nature

Punggol is the epitome of transformation and adaptation. The neighborhood has been evolving from a rustic fishing village to beautifully modernized vicinity, which captures Singapore’s reputation as a first-world country. You may say, “But Punggol is so far away from town, and it sounds boring.” Little to majority’s knowledge, Punggol is one of the few neighborhood districts in Singapore that houses hidden delights for adventurers and explorers alike. Tired of being coped up at home? Here are some magnificent spots at Punggol which you can explore with your friends.

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A Date with Nature. Coney Island Park houses an extensive diversity of habitations, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves and casuarina woodlands. Guided walks are conducted by NParks volunteers, where you can learn more about the island’s varied biodiversity and interesting history. Coney Island is environmentally sustainable, due to preserving energy and water, plus recycling and retaining natural elements in the park. It is also home to a widespread range of fauna and flora, some of which are critically endangered. Coney Island acts as a prevalent spot for a weekend escapade amongst youths and young adults alike. Why not grab your bottle and a backpack, rent a bike and join in the fun?

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Punggol Waterway Park is another well-known spot amongst locals. You can most definitely spot fitness enthusiasts and families here due to its well-maintained tracks and serenely stunning view. With a 4.2 river water path running through the heart of Punggol, you are bound to enjoy a lavishing and peaceful experience there. Punggol Waterway Park is a convenient location to head to as you can hop on the LRT train from Punggol train station, and alight at Damai LRT station.

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Lorong Halus Wetland is yet another picturesque location, allowing you reconnect with nature, while still being able to take stunning snaps of your surroundings and yourself. Located along the eastern bank of Serangoon Reservoir, this particular haunt is said to safeguard the quality of the water in the reservoir by collecting and treating water passing through the former landfill. You may find yourself lost within the veil of mist cast over the reservoir in the mornings, and enthralled by the invigorating view and tranquil sunset in the evenings. This is a great spot to head to after a long day of work, to invigorate your senses and feel alive again.

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Getting that workout in your daily routine Surely you have heard of the London Bridge, but have you ever heard of the Punggol Bridges? The Punggol Bridges consists of the Jewel Bridge, Adventure Bridge, Sunrise Bridge, Wave Bridge and Kelong Bridge. These bridges can be found across Punggol Waterway, serving as an aesthetic retreat from the frantic pace of life in the main city. The next time you head down to Punggol Waterway for a jog or a walk, keep a lookout for these bridges to widen your choices for that next Instagram sensation.

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On the topic of capturing the next Instagram big hit, you may want to try you luck here at Sunset Strip of Punggol Waterway Park. Here, you can find a mural of robots conversing with each other. Murals and graffiti is still not yet a common sight in Singapore as vandalism is highly punishable by law. But no worries, knowing that this mural was legally depicted from a poem by local poet Gilbert Koh, you can still drop by for a photoshoot with your friends and a camera.

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Also a spot that is found at Punggol Waterway Park, there is a field of lalangs that is a hot favorite amongst locals, especially for wedding photographers, as the scenery provides a romantic and dreamy touch to the snapshots. Evening time is inarguably the best time to head to the Lalang fields, as the evening sun will cloak your photos with a warm, orange-tinged light.  You can also spot the legendary orange-and-white bus stops that used to be littered around Singapore back in the older days. Most of these famed bus stops have been renovated, and Punggol Waterway Park is one of the last few places that currently still harbor this vibrant bus stop.

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Envy the Residents of Punggol Citizens of Singapore can also find housing within Punggol at an exceptional BTO called Waterway Terraces, located right next to Punggol MRT/LRT. Visitors are granted admission to the cascading roof gardens, which greatly resembles terrace rice fields of Southeast Asia. The roof gardens are complete with niceties such as playground and fitness corners for residents of all ages. Now, imagine waking up daily to a beautiful sunrise over the water, with a nearby Waterway Point shopping mall full of diners, a cinema, supermarkets, coffee shops and leisure shops.

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And some extra spots…Did you know that there is a ranch at Punggol? If you want to consider another option for an electrifying and out-of-the-world weekend escapade, head down to Punggol Ranch for a staycation. There, you can indulge in horseback riding, or simply spending time relaxing with the animals in the ranch. It is a suitable place for family or friends gathering, and ensures good bonding within any group that chooses to patronize there. Punggol: The Big Conclusion So, who said Punggol was boring? Even now, Punggol is still slowly growing in reputation, but surely and steadily garnering attention from all four corners of Singapore. Despite the dynamic changes in its environment, Punggol still keeps bits and pieces of its past, fusing together with the present-day, hence harnessing a certain simplicity and charm that one can rarely find within the hustle and bustle of this busy little city we call home.