Quick Remodelling Hacks for the Coming CNY

“New year, new me” a phrase typically quoted by many when a new year dawns. So, this 2021, let this quote apply to your home as well. Creating a new look to your house may seem like a daunting task especially if it requires you to make big changes to your home… what more during a pandemic! With these quick remodelling hacks, you are sure to have a great home makeover without costing a bomb by the time Chinese New Year arrives.

Change of flooring

change of flooring

Are you bored of your flooring? If you are scared to change the flooring because of the possible drilling and hacking that needs to be done – CHILL!

The solution is simply overlaying existing flooring. Adding a layer of flooring saves time and cost as compared to removing the old flooring. Plus, you are in control of the colour of your flooring while strengthening its overall durability.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Light coloured wood flooring should be used to make smaller rooms look more spacious, and dark flooring gives the opposite effect.

Repainting of your home

painting of room

Painting the whole room using one colour scheme is soooo last century. One accent wall is perfect for any home size. Is there a special piece in your home to be the focal point of the room? With an accent wall, the focus is directed to attractive spots in the home such as an art piece or a special spot in the room.

Painting the four walls can be labour intensive, but with one accent wall, your workload is reduced by 75 per cent. Additionally, painting one accent wall is simple and yet, it brings so much depth to the room.

Add elements to facilitate lighting

good lighting

If you are all about having good lighting without wanting to see a rise in your utility bill, a bi-folded door will do your home good. A bi-folded glass door near a natural source of light will allow the kitchen to be well lit. Other than the kitchen, bi-folded doors can be used in spaces close to the balcony or as an acting partition to separate different sections of the house.

Adding track lights

using track lights

If you don’t have a lot of natural lighting in your house, you’ll have to fix “fake” ones. Lighting is important as it sets the atmosphere of the room. Opt for track lighting!

It is recommended to install two track lights parallel to each other to light up a small room. Track lighting brings focus to an art piece you have hung or a particular focal point in your room (think gallery or your accent wall).

Track lighting can be installed on ceilings or even mounted on walls as it provides flexibility compared to standard home lighting. Lights can be adjusted and moved according to your preference.

Adding mirrors

bathroom mirrors

The first thing a person sees entering the bathroom is always the mirror. Bathroom mirrors are an important aspect of a bathroom as it serves to show you how you look and to create an illusion of a large space. You probably already have mirrors in your bathroom, but do you know how you can change it up?

Add lighting behind the mirrors (also known as backlighting), so they seem to “pop-out” from the wall. It makes your bathroom look like the ones in hotels. Some of these backlit mirrors may cost a lot of money, but you can have your very own with the help of LED light strips. By attaching it behind your mirror, you can give character to your bathroom while saving money.

If you only have a tiny mirror to ensure you are washing your face correctly, might we suggest that you invest in a good, large mirror?


Because it would give your bathroom a sense of sophistication or class.

The COVID-19 pandemic might not be seeing its foreseeable end, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a new look. Chinese New Year is around the corner, and it is time to start afresh! With these 5 quick remodelling hacks, your home will feel new without breaking the bank.

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