Recommended stores to get your Home Décor in Singapore

Your go-to store for a room makeover might be Ikea or Big Box. But other than those, there are increasingly more shops in Singapore to find cool knick-knacks to fit into your home and statement furniture pieces to impress your guests. Here are some shops to explore for your next home buy.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel furni
Crate and Barrel store furni
Crate and Barrel sofa

Found in Ion Orchard and Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, Crate and Barrel is an American based home décor brand offering both main furniture pieces with sleek and minimalistic designs and smaller individual goods. It can be considered as the more fashionable Ikea. Both stores have a similar range of items but of more up to date designs with more subtle and pastel colours. So if you like Ikea but are not a fan of their bright colours, Crate and Barrel might be a right fit for you.


Naiise store furni
Naiise home decor

Naiise has everything from stationaries and fashion pieces to home décor and DIY workshops. They also carry many local Singapore-inspired goods, giving your home uniquely Singaporean accents to show your Singapore pride. If you are not looking for large furniture items, the store carries a wide variety of handmade posters and knick-knacks. It is also a great place to look for unique and fun gifts for your friends and family.


HipVan dining area
HipVan sofa
HipVan seating corner

If you love Scandinavian and Retro themes for your home, HipVan will be the place for you. HipVan is a Singapore-based furniture store offering items of lighting, kitchenware, bedding, tables and sofas. They offer many wood statement pieces of a light natural oak colour, reminiscing of Scandinavian design and use of wood accents. Retro sofas and bedheads with turquoise and mustard yellow colours will be must haves for your retro themed home.


Supermama porcelain bowls
Supermama fabric book
Supermama homeware

Supermama is known for their beautiful porcelain and wooden homeware inspired by Singapore and Japanese designers. The contemporary gift wares in the store tend to by available in limited quantities, making your items unique and definitely irreplaceable. You can be sure that the items from this store will definitely make a statement in your home. Supermama can be found at Gillman Barracks and at a flagship store at 265 Beach Road.