How To Reduce Dust In Your Singapore HDB

Living in a busy city like Singapore is ideal, but it does come with one big downside: there may also be plenty of dust in your Singapore home. Here are a few simple steps to keep your Singapore HDB or private condo dust-free with minimal effort.

Trap Dust Effectively

Dusty surface

You’ve probably heard someone tout the effectiveness of the feather duster, but in reality, it’s the least effective tool to use if you want a dust-free Singapore HDB home. Ideally, you should capture the dust instead of spreading it around, which is why a damp rag or disposable cloth will work much better. Avoid cloth that has oils or waxes on them, as this might leave a sticky residue on your furniture and only use the vacuum cleaner on rough surfaces and woodwork, as the vacuum’s exhaust stream is likely to whip the dust up instead of sucking it away. Also, refrain from using fabric softener on your cleaning rags or microfiber clots when you run these through the wash, as it reduces their ability to hold dust efficiently.

Go From High to Low

Living room

In case you didn’t already know, there should be an order to your Singapore home cleaning process. Start your home wipe-down from the highest surfaces of your Singapore HDB and work your way down to the floors. This method effectively captures any dust you might have missed along the way.

Skip the Accessories

2 chairs

Carpets and rugs can add plenty of colour but these are probably the biggest dust reservoirs in your Singapore HDB. Stick to hardwood, vinyl flooring or tiles with bright patterns if you want quirky patterns on your floors. However, if you still have your heart set on a rug or a carpet for your Singapore home, then consider investing in a vacuum cleaner that has a double-layer microfilter bag or a high-efficienty particulate air filter to keep dust from re-circulating in the air. You may also need to increase the number of times you vacuum the carpets and rugs in your home.

Don’t Forget Your Bedding and Sheets

Fabrics are another form of dust traps in your Singapore home, which is why it is important to change your bedsheets and curtains regularly. Swap out your bedsheets at least once a week to trim the amount of dust that’s accumulating in your bedroom, and change your curtains once a month.

Purify Your Home

Air purifiers can be beneficial in helping suck up dust before it can settle down on any surface in the rooms you use the most. It’s also helpful if your allergies are caused by dust. However, opt for a fan-powered cleaner and skip ionic air cleaners, as the latter isn’t always environmentally friendly.