Reflections: Mirrors To Introduce To Your Home

Space is what we need more of. Even if we live in a 1,200 square feet apartment, we would still want more space or create the illusion that we do. For those who own a home larger than that, we are envious; but we bet you’ll still want to know these luxury stimulating items that coincidentally enlarge your living space too.

Mirrors are the illuminating answer to providing the illusion of spaciousness.

We are not suggesting that you place mirrors all around the home. Oh no, that would look too much like the Hall of Mirrors you visit at funfairs. Rather, placing mirrors in certain areas in your home can improve the atmosphere. Besides, who doesn’t want an extra mirror in the house to make checking themselves out a little more convenient?

Geometric Statement Mirror

Geometric Statement Mirror

You’ll want to make a good impression to your guests upon entry, and we suggest you put a geometric statement mirror at the vestibule or entryway of your home. You don’t need to be practical with your choice of mirrors here, so don’t be afraid to opt for something bolder. Gold rims, tiled, or tinted, it is up to you.

We like this overlapping diamond mirror because it serves to enlarge the tight space whilst giving the entrance a boujee vibe. Just before you think it is impractical, think again! It is that moment when you are rushing out of the house when you need to snatch a glance at the mirror to see if your hair is in place before heading out to the world.

Mirror on Gallery Wall

Mirror on Gallery Wall

Mirrors give you the right to be artistic. Here is one trick you can try in your home this weekend.

If you have a wall where photos and artwork are put up like a gallery, hang one, two, or three rimmed mirrors amongst the throng of images. It is a genius way to emphasise the existing decor with a little creativity. It doesn’t matter if the mirror is oddly shaped, what matters is that there is an interesting irregular pattern that also doubles up as a surprise for people admiring your gallery wall.

For starters, head over to IKEA and pick up small, framed mirrors (that sometimes do not seem practical) for cheap and rearrange your wall. With a little imagination and vision, you can introduce an eclectic look to your space.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored bedside table

People rarely think about getting mirrored furniture. Some consider it too trendy. Some say it is not timeless. But who keeps furniture for decades now?

We like to switch things up from time to time, and mirrored furniture (small or large) can expand the dimensions of your room. Introduce mirrored furniture in smaller rooms to make it less claustrophobic. It has a cool effect where it simply disappears from the room at certain angles.

One thing to keep in mind, as with all mirrors, is to ensure that the mirror backing is of good quality. This is so the reflections don’t become distorted with time.

We adore this mirrored side table with glitter drawers. Having this piece can illuminate a room by just switching on one lamp. Plus, it also serves as a statement piece, no matter the theme!

Oversized Standing Mirror

Oversized Standing Mirror

Some things need to be elaborate. Though we cannot advise that you move a large piece of furniture in your house without first looking at the layout, we can safely say that a standing mirror is a good addition to any house.


No matter small or big, large mirrors are a cunning way to deceive the eye. Place this at the end of the hallway, or awkward spaces, like rooms with a sloping ceiling and watch the transformation happen before your very eyes. It is the only big item you can add to your space that gives you MORE space!

This massive, ornamentally framed, French-style floor mirror could be the answer to your dreams of opulence in a constricted space.

So, what is it going to be? A mirror overhaul or tiny introductions of these fancy reflectors into the home? Whatever your choice may be, these functional pieces will bring magic to your space.

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