Are you bored of your dreary, drab-looking shelves? Do you wish you could make your Ikea shelves look more extravagant? Well, look no further! Here are some painting tips that can inspire and help you create aesthetically pleasing shelves! If you have ever painted shelves or similar types of furniture before, you may have noticed plenty of streaking, peeling, gaps and bubbling. These imperfections usually make the supposedly revamped piece of furniture look less than desirable. However, with a bit more effort and the right advice, you can paint your furniture the right way.


First, dismantle the bookshelf (or your given piece of furniture). If you have just bought it, it may have come disassembled already. Painting your shelves while it is dismantled allows for a quicker and more thorough painting process.

fixing bookshelf

Next, lightly sand down the parts. This step may be unnecessary if you are painting small furniture but we highly recommend it for larger pieces of furniture especially if you desire a clean paint job. Do remember to clean and remove any debris from the pieces after sanding them down.

prep laminated pieces with primer

After which, prep your pieces with a primer. This is especially crucial if you are painting laminated shelves. Do remember to get a primer that can adhere to glossy surfaces if you are painting on laminated material. For better results, do a double coat.

painting shelf

Now, you can start painting your pieces with your choice of paint. Ensure that your pieces are laying horizontally before painting. If you do this vertically, you will notice an uneven coating of paint as it may trickle downwards, resulting in an undesirable outcome. Be it normal paint or spray paint, start with lighter coats and build up the coverage with layers of thin coats. This helps the paint dry faster and look better as starting with a thick coat may result in more room for error and ruin the look of the item. Also, we recommend using paint rollers instead of brushes as the hair of the brushes may end up falling off and mixing with your paint, creating an uneven coat.

blue paint

After the paint has dried, cover the pieces with a protective finish/sealer. Assemble your furniture after the protective finish has completely dried and voilà! You have successfully revamped your shelves like a pro!