Rivervale Drive By Good View Interior

Life in a metropolitan city can be exciting, with bright and sparkling buildings, glass facades shimmering in the sunlight, and the feeling of here and now all around you as you look towards the future in the 21st century.

But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to go back to nature, take your eyes off from the glare of your screens and relax in the natural beauty of things. These moments can help you to realign yourself, mind and spirit, and find some peace within the hustle and bustle of daily living in one of the worlds most advanced cities. True to its name, Goodview Interior has certainly made the inside of this flat a view to die for. With natural textures, paired with beautiful white gloss finishing, the interior of the home is easy on the eyes and helps to soothe the spirit. 

Good View Interior living room with teak-like woodgrain patterns tv console

The living room has been decorated with teak-like woodgrain patterns from the television console all the way to the cupboards, and even the banister. The natural look to this can be quite relaxing, almost akin to being in a sort of nature resort. This hideaway is perfect for escaping the stresses of daily work, bringing a much-needed respite to the artificial look of a city.

The display shelves on the side of the console add a nice pop of colour to the living room. With the white on black design, you can draw attention to whatever you put on the shelves, from portraits, to achievements, to beautiful display pieces.

Good View Interior white marble dining table top

The dining area is nice and cosy, a perfect enclave for a small family area. The white marble dining table top adds a level of panache to the room. The colour palette here maybe neutral, but it keeps the room lively, matching the woodgrain finishing on the shelves. Subtle touches here have elevated the design, from the decorative light, to the creative design of the display cabinet. With flowers and other decorative pieces on display, the dining area really comes to life.

Good View Interior simple and neat ktichen

The kitchen is kept simple and neat. With a counter top that wraps all around the side of the kitchen, there’s definitely sufficient space for you to prepare meals. The convenient layout of the washing machine and drying rack make for ease of access when doing laundry. The natural look is also continued here, with the flooring now a parquet-like finish and a discreet splash of green along the sides of the stoves, the kitchen stays close to nature. A cheeky clock right above the window makes for a bit of fun with the flurry of colours on it.

Good View Interior bathroom with natural look

The bathroom keeps to a natural look. With granite tiles in the shower, and a woodgrain cupboard door, it looks straight out of a nature retreat with so many gorgeous elements straight from the earth. The stretch of mirrors brightens up the room with lighting coming from above and below it. The indirect lighting also prevents excessive glare resulting from the mirror, while still lighting up the toilet very well.

Good View Interior simple baby room with small cot and sofa

With a baby in tow, a separate room gives parents enough personal space away from the toddler, while keeping them close. The room is simple, with just a small cot and a cushy reclining sofa (perfect when you have to come in in the middle of the night). But this makes it easy as the years go by, without investing too much in built in furniture, it keeps the room like a clean canvas for when its time to upgrade and update it to the appropriate age. The chest of drawers however is a timeless piece, fitting in with most designs and trends and can easily be reused and repurposed as the room evolves.

Good View Interior master bedroom

Finally, the master bedroom. While it may not be extremely spacious, it does maximize the amount of space it does have. Shelves by the side of the window make for great room to put items up on display, and for this couple, the perfect spot for a watch winder and some crystal artwork.

A small work station could even be fit in here, just enough space to send emails and do some light work if you happen to be working from home. Plush its right at the window, giving you lots of natural light, and a good view for your quick breaks. To maximize the space available, a sliding door to the toilet reduces the amount of leeway you need to plan, and gives you more free walking space within the room.