Safe at Home: Protect yourself with a digital lock from Full Smart Technology

Singapore feels safe enough, why should we care about home safety? Well, sadly, an upgraded home security system is one of those things you don’t always realise you need until it’s too late. And in the case of break-ins, prevention is much, much better than cure. We want you to feel safe in your home, so why not beef up the security of your home today with a digital lock from Full Smart Technology?

Full Smart Technology is a local company that

  • designs new and high-tech solutions to everyday problems in the home, like security and household chores.
  • The company is based in Singapore, and provides its own training to its local engineers and After Sales Support Team.
  • They are devoted to giving their customers the best possible experience and ease of mind at an affordable price.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the digital locks they produce and how their features can make your home feel safer and more secure for you. For a quick intro to the digital locks Full Smart technology has available for you, check out this video now!

FM019 Digital lock for Metal Gates

fm019 digital lock for metal gates

First, let’s talk about the amazing FM019 digital lock, available in black (left) and rose gold (right).


  • $399.00 for a limited time (including installation, usual price $599.00)! 

This digital lock is designed for metal gates, which makes it a perfect addition to the metal grills outside a condo apartment or HDB flat.

Say goodbye to the unsightly black lock-boxes that disrupt your ornate grills! Because when you replace your original handle with the FM019 smart digital lock, all its high-tech features are incorporated into that sleek, compact handle you see above!

The FM019 digital lock lets you choose from 3 easy unlocking methods

  1. biometric fingerprint recognition
  2. passcode entry
  3. using a physical key.

Large household? Have no fear! The FM019 digital lock can store up to 100 fingerprints and passcodes combined. What’s more, the FM019 digital lock is equipped with a learning artificial intelligence system, so the more you use it, the better it gets! High-level anti-theft technology also means that an alarm will be set off if would-be intruders try to tamper with the security lock cylinder. So you can feel safe with this digital lock outside your door.

What customers are saying about the FM019 digital lock:

“We are very happy with the entire product and installation. Installer was on time and helpful by providing detailed explanation on the usage of the door lock. Installation was very seamless on our gate, and it provides an overall unassuming and elegant look. The lock is very responsive and it recognises our fingerprints quite quickly.”Ang Ming Yi, Bedok North Road

“Due to limitation in dimensions of my metal gate, I have problems getting a suitable smart metal gate lock. I am glad that SINGGATE’s product fit my metal gate perfectly. Sales team was extremely friendly and helpful as well, clearing up any queries I had. The installation technicians were punctual and very professional as well while imparting all necessary knowledge in a systematic way. I would absolutely recommend SINGGATE for anyone who needs smart digital locks.”Zor, Admiralty Drive

”Fast installation, Technicians came on time and were friendly. Assisted in setting up the unit. Product easy to use and secure with double lock mechanism. Good fingerprint system. Sales Team were very helpful in assisting with details and information before purchase and after purchase.
Recommended to purchase.
Faris, Tampines Street 22

“This Digital lock is awesome, the fingerprint touch is in good condition, easy setting. The installation workers are kind and friendly explain the setting method patiently. The customer service staff has very good after-sales service with quick response.Summer Wee, Bukit Batok

FA007 Digital Lock for doors

FA007 Digital Lock for doors

Available in black (left) and silver (right), the FA007 digital lock uses an ultra-slim design to fit gaps that are as small as only 2 cm!


  • $687.00 ( Save about $300)

With faster fingerprint recognition and storage ability compared to the FM019, the FA007 digital lock also has a few additional features up its sleeve. If you’re in need, just activate the emergency fingerprint feature to alert your close ones. High-level anti-theft technology means that an alarm will be set off if would-be intruders try to tamper with the security lock cylinder.

Like the FM019, the FA007 digital lock can

  1. store up to 100 fingerprints
  2. can be unlocked using a passcode and a
  3. can be unlocked with a physical key.

But there’s more! The FA007 digital lock has an accompanying mobile app, which means you can unlock your door using wifi as well, plus get push notifications when the lock is in use. This digital lock also comes with 2 programmed RFID cards to give you one more option to unlock your door.

What customers are saying about the FA007 digital lock:

“My wife and me are very happy with the product. No more hassle of carrying bulky keys around. The product is simple to use and it’s a faster to get in and out of my house every time. Installation was quick and the engineer was very patient with our questions and explained in detailed on how to use it. Overall we gave the product a 10 out of 10!” –Mr Burhan, Woodlands Crescent

“Product so far so good and ain’t giving me any problems. I would said is good that I had installed digital door lock coz going out and coming home I don’t have to worry about keys anymore. Going keyless gives me a peace of mind and there is no chance of mindlessly leave my bunch of keys any where. Door will lock automatically once the door is closed and I ever had to worry about forgetting to lock my door anymore. Thumb up for my newly installed digital lock.”Kenny Tng, Cantonment Road

“Sales Team promptly answer to my enquiry on the digital locks. Staff would then follow up and send installation appointment reminders. Installation was done quickly and professionally. Also received e-user guide and taught on the functions before final hand off. Great service and products from FullSmartSG!”Eve Sim, Kim Tian Place

“Installer is very friendly and arrive on time. Installation work is good and most importantly, the price is good and got lots of function. Nowadays, it become so convenient especially when u are carrying a lot of things, and u realise that u do not need to dig your house keys. This is the best part. Really enjoy using the Digital Lock.”Chua Kian Chuan, Senja Road

FR055 Digital Lock for doors

FR055 digital lock for doors

Take your door lock to a new level with the FR055 digital lock! It comes with

  1. passcode entry
  2. physical keys
  3. RFID cards
  4. a wifi app
  5. similar fingerprint scanning/storage capabilities as the FM019 and the FA007
  6. face-recognition technology
  7. hand palm recognition options!

This brings us to a total of 7 ways to choose from in unlocking your digital lock! You can even unlock it remotely with your app.


  • $799.00

The FR055 digital lock is the most affordable digital lock that uses face recognition technology! Perfect for target populations who have difficulty scanning their fingerprints. Don’t worry about forgetting your passcode or losing/forgetting to bring your keys anymore! Just use the face scanning technology to unlock your door in less than 0.05 seconds! And don’t worry – glasses, hairstyles and lighting don’t affect the face recognition technology in this digital lock.

What’s more – the FR055 digital lock comes complete with high-tech security features to protect you from intruders. From anti-shock safeguards to alarms that activate in response to tampering, the FR055 has many lines of protection to keep you and your home safe.

What customers are saying about the FR055 digital lock:

“Staffs were professional, efficient and helpful too. Overall we are happy with the product and service! Elderly friendly approved  My parents no longer need to search for keys, one step lesser entering our home now! Thank you!” – Fawzeeah Yamin, Jurong East Street 24

“Proper training on registration of face, finger prints and passcode was also given. Products are working fine and we are able to view remotely when anyone is at our gate. Service is Excellent.”Goh Peng Wah

“EXCELLENT service from the installation team.
The team were professional with installation and were patience to train the customer on the operation of the lock. No longer need struggle with having to reach out for key to unlock gate. excellent service received since staring of my enquiry of product until installation complete. Good experience with this company. Trustable and Recommend products.”
Ng Chee Keong, Jurong West Street 65

“Technician come on time and very friendly. Digital door lock is very user friendly easy to operate. Thanks to the sale team willing show us how to operate the item with patient.Johari Basri, Sembawang Drive

So what are you waiting for? Visit to order one of these awesome digital locks now! Be sure to also visit and like Full Smart Technology’s Facebook page to receive updates on events and promotions!

Got questions? Call Full Smart Technology’s Sales Hotline at 90 168 111 to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.